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    How Do You Send A Bank Wire Transfer?

    Bank wire transfers offer customers one of the most convenient and affordable methods of payment when purchasing gold and silver bullion. They qualify customers for a 4% discount on the credit card price and enable customers to pay for their larger purchases in full without having to concern themselves over any potential interest rates or drawn out payment plans. Bank wires also allow customers to make their payments efficiently and swiftly through their personal banks in as little as one day. But perhaps their most appealing trait is the multi-step transaction process that ensures the complete security of your order and payment.

    Steps to Send A Bank Wire

    There are three steps to sending a bank wire transfer:

    1. Confirming your purchase
    2. Locking in your price
    3. Requesting a wire transfer from your bank.

    When you have finished loading your shopping cart with the items you intend to purchase, you will be asked to choose a form of payment. Select the payment option marked “Bank Wire.” Next, you must verify that your total cost of purchase falls within the price range of $2,500 and $250,000. From here, the system will lead you to the checkout portion of your transaction, where you will be prompted to enter some basic information including your name, phone number, email, shipping and billing addresses, and password. After you have provided all the necessary information, you will be ready to lock in your price.

    In order for us to lock in your price, you must provide us with your credit information. Please be advised that your credit card information only serves as a form of payment “collateral” until we receive your bank wire. As long as the wire arrives in a timely manner, your card will not be charged.

    Once your order has been placed, we will send you an email containing instructions for wiring your payment. To carry out these remaining orders, you will be required to visit your local bank. When you arrive at the bank, simply inform one of the associates that you would like to request a wire transfer. Please be advised that most banks charge an outgoing transfer fee, which can range anywhere between $20-$30 USD for a domestic transfer. You must then provide them with the details of your transfer such as the amount, the recipient, their bank name and their bank account number. (These details will have been enclosed to you in the contents of our email.) There will most likely be a form that you will have to fill out either in advance online or in person at the time of request.

    Upon completion, your bank will carry out the transfer according to your instructions. Be sure to follow up and confirm that the transfer went through as it may take several days for the transfer to show up in your account information. Banks typically transfer funds within 1-2 business days of the initial request, but we would like to remind customers that they have two days to wire the funds. Orders whose bank wire payments are not received within two business days of placement will be canceled and subject to cancellation and market loss fees.

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