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    Invest in American-made Silver with American Reserve Bullion

    Posted on March 07, 2020

    The new American Reserve lineup of silver bullion crafted by Asahi Refining is an ideal means of purchasing American-made silver. From ground to lab to mint, the silver in this collection has been handled by American manufacturers from start to finish. Best of all, there’s an option for any investor with three options available in the American Reserve bullion collection. Learn more about the silver round and silver bars in this collection.

    American Reserve Silver Round

    The smallest option in the American Reserve bullion collection is the 1 oz American Reserve Silver Round. Each round contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and is available to purchase individually in plastic flips, tubes of 20, boxes of 100, or cases of 500 silver rounds. On the obverse side of the American Reserve Silver Rounds is an image of the “AR” initials of American Reserve with a rocky background that pays homage to the history of silver mining in the United States.

    For the reverse face, the American Reserve Silver Round depicts that most American of symbols: the bald eagle. This American bald eagle is at rest on its perch, but its vigilance is not deterred as it has its gaze fixed on the horizon. While the obverse face has a rocky background, this side of the round has a clear, mirrored background behind the eagle that is smooth.

    American Reserve 10 oz Bar

    The smaller of the two silver bars issued in the American Reserve collection is the 10 oz American Reserve Silver Bar. This particular minted ingot has the same design elements from the silver round. On the obverse side is the same hammered, rocky finish to the background with the “AR” initials on the design field. The reverse side also has a clear, mirrored background field with the stoic American bald eagle on its perch observing the horizon.

    10 oz American Reserve Silver Bars ship in a sealed plastic sleeve with multiples of 25 housed together in a box. Each one of the bars has 10 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

    American Reserve 100 oz Bar

    While the 10 oz silver bar is a minted ingot, the beautiful 100 oz American Reserve Silver Bar is available as a cast silver bar. These bars have inscriptions on just one face of the coin. Here, you will find the same “AR” initials stamped incuse into the bar, along with the pick ax symbols and an Asahi Refining mint mark. Each bar has a smooth finish, ships in a sleeve or box, and comes with a unique band. The Assay Band around the bar offers authentication for the production.

    American-made Silver

    The American Reserve bullion series uses silver that was mined in the United States and sent to the Utah facility owned by Asahi Refining. Here, the silver is refined in the labs of Asahi Refining before the silver is sent to a Miami-based mint where it is produced in the silver round and silver bar options.

    Get American-made Silver from JM Bullion

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