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    Halloween is Coming, New Halloween Silver is Available

    Posted on October 08, 2021

    It’s that time of year again. The heat of summer is starting to subside, there’s a cool breeze in the air, and the leaves are changing. Fall is the start of the busiest holiday season on the calendar each year. As children return to school, the months quickly run together from the spooky, ghostly festivals of Halloween to the family gatherings from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s. This time of year not only brings busy schedules, but also new seasonal silver bullion designs. Included in this range each year are a variety of Halloween-themed silver bullion pieces, from bars to rounds.

    Colorized Silver

    Among the most festive forms of Halloween silver are those items with colorization added to the design elements. The application of colorized layers to the design helps deliver on the true spirit of Halloween with ghostly combinations of red, orange, black, white, and purple, among other colors of the season. You will find this type of finish on both 1 oz silver rounds and 1 oz silver bars. The following are two new examples for 2021:

    • Colorized Happy Halloween Pumpkin Round – This round design has been available in the past, but for 2021, SilverTowne offers an option with colorization that brings the Jack-O-Lantern design to life with orange on the pumpkin and a haunting yellow tint to the inside of the pumpkin. This is all set against a black background field.
    • Colorized Happy Halloween Witch Bar – Another popular design from SilverTowne with a new twist, the Happy Halloween Witch Bar features the festive greeting HAPPY HALLOWEEN with a black background field. The letters in the greeting alternate between purple and orange, with a witch’s hat and the legs of a witch included in the design field.

    Silver Bars and Rounds

    In addition to the two specific designs mentioned above, SilverTowne’s range of Halloween-themed silver includes a variety of other round and bar designs. You’ll find that the two designs mentioned above are also available in a standard silver finish without colorization. The classic Headless Horseman Bar is back in 2021 with a depiction of a rider on horseback racing across the bar with a pumpkin in his hand and no head. Other new designs for 2021 include:

    • Happy Halloween Frightful Night Bar – the new Frightful Night bar offers a beautiful silver finish with a haunting setting perfect for startling even the heartiest trick-or-treater. The design includes an owl the branch of a gnarled tree. The Moon is shown rising into the background field as bats fill the night sky. In the foreground, ghoulish eyes stare right at you.

    Silver Skulls

    Another popular silver item during the Halloween season comes from Monarch Precious Metals. Its long-running Silver Skull Series features 2 oz and 10 oz silver bars shaped like human skulls. These aren’t just any human skulls though. Each one is inspired by the shape and design of calaveras used during the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. Each year, these bars come with unique toning and colorization that can vary across a given lot of bars produced. Additionally, some of the ornate designs change each year. This year’s design includes:

    • Monarch Silver Day of the Dead Cross Skull – for 2021, Monarch altered the ornate designs stamped into its Day of the Dead Skulls. At the center of the forehead, you will find the image of a Christian cross.

    Collect Halloween Silver from JM Bullion

    Whether you’re looking to add to your own silver with Halloween-themed options or enjoy giving friends and family something different at Halloween, the silver rounds and bars mentioned above are a great choice. These items do sell quickly each year, so don’t hesitate to act. JM Bullion customer service can assist you at 800-276-6508, live online using our chat service, and via our email address. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and keep up with our weekly blog posts to learn about new and upcoming releases.

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