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    1892 Fairmont Collection Coins

    As you explore the Fairmont Collection of Pre-33 US Eagle gold coins, you’ll find many of the coins come from the Philadelphia Mint, while fewer coins are out there representing the likes of the Denver Mint in the 20th century or the San Francisco Mint in either the 19th or 20th century. One of the most notable mints in American history was the purpose-built Carson City Mint; one that is represented in the Fairmont Collection.

    1892-CC Liberty Eagle

    The 1892-CC Liberty Eagle Coin features Christian Gobrecht’s famous 1838 bust of Liberty in left-profile relief wearing the coronet crown. This design would feature on the coins for nearly 70 years until 1907. What makes the 1892-CC Liberty Eagle in the Fairmont Collection unique? It is the mintage figure and the mint mark.

    In 1892, the Philadelphia Mint, New Orleans Mint, San Francisco Mint, and Carson City Mint all struck Liberty Eagles. The Philadelphia Mint shouldered the majority of production in 1892, striking 797,480 coins. The New Orleans Mint issued the fewest at just 28,688 coins, with the Carson City Mint representing the next lowest total at only 40,000 coins.

    While the 1892-CC Liberty Half Eagle wasn’t quite the lowest minted in the denomination this year, it was significant for another reason. The next year, 1893, would be the last year of operation for the Carson City Mint and it would issue one last batch of just 14,000 coins that year before closing its doors for good.