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    1884 Fairmont Collection Coins

    In the 1880s, the United States remained in a period of transition as the fabric of the nation was still being sown back together following the US Civil War. The presidential election of 1884 was a closely contested race between Democrat Grover Cleveland and Republican James G. Blaine. Grover Cleveland emerged as the victor, becoming the 22nd President of the United States and the first Democrat to hold the office since the Civil War. President Cleveland, known for his commitment to clean governance, launched efforts to combat corruption in the federal government. From this era of American history comes the 1884 Fairmont Collection Coins.

    1884 Liberty Gold Eagle Coins

    In 1884, Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle Coins were produced by three branches of the United States Mint. The Philadelphia Mint produced 76,860 coins, while the San Francisco Mint led the way in striking 124,250 coins. The Carson City Mint issued the fewest by far, with just 9,925 coins issued in 1884.