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    1883 Fairmont Collection Coins

    The 1880s in America was a time for healing and reunion. The horrors of the Civil War were more than a decade in the past and the Reconstruction Era had recently concluded at the end of the 1870s. The 1880s marked the early stages of the Gilded Age when the US economy rapidly industrialized. The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks in New York City, was completed in 1883. It connected the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, providing a vital transportation link across the East River. Also in 1883, The Southern Pacific Railroad completed its transcontinental route, linking California to New Orleans and providing a crucial transportation route across the southern United States. 1883 Fairmont Collection Coins offer a link back to this bygone era of American history.

    1883 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins

    In 1883, there was a peculiar pattern to the production of $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins. For the first of two years in a row, the largest denomination of American gold coins was struck only at branch mints in the Western United States. The San Francisco Mint struck the lion’s share of the coins, producing 1,189,000 coins, while the Carson City Mint produced 59,962 coins.