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    1861 Fairmont Collection Coins

    American gold and silver coins from the early 1860s transport numismatists back to a period in American history when tensions in the country were boiling. Fairmont Collection specimens with an 1861 date mark represent samples that were originally struck as those tempers boiled over the nation split at the seams with the onset of the US Civil War.

    1861 Liberty Gold Double Eagles

    The mintage of Liberty Gold Double Eagles in 1861 was the highest it would be for several years to come. As the chaos of the Civil War resulted in gold hoarding, the mintage of US Eagle gold coins plummeted and would not recover at East Coast mints, such as the Philadelphia Mint, until the dawn of the 20th century.

    1861 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles were struck by the Philadelphia Mint, New Orleans Mint, and the San Francisco Mint. The Philadelphia Mint issued the highest volume of coins by far, striking nearly 3 million coins.