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    1858 Fairmont Collection Coins

    The late 1850s in the United States was a time of expansion and tension across the nation. One of the most significant events of 1858 was the series of debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. They engaged in a series of seven debates across Illinois while running for the U.S. Senate seat. These debates centered on the issue of slavery and helped propel Lincoln to national prominence. Meanwhile, the Pikes Peak Gold Rush saw a significant influx of people heading to the region of present-day Colorado in search of gold. The discovery of gold in the area led to the establishment of several mining towns and had a lasting impact on the development of the region. Transport yourself back to this era with 1858 Fairmont Collection Coins.

    1858 Liberty Gold Eagle Coins

    In 1854, the San Francisco Mint joined the Philadelphia Mint and New Orleans Mint in producing Liberty Gold Eagle Coins. In 1858, the New Orleans Mint was nearing the end of its continuous operation as the Civil War would interrupt production at the New Orleans Mint until 1879. The 1858 Pre-33 $10 Liberty Gold Eagles were struck in low figures, with Philadelphia issuing just 2,521 coins, San Francisco releasing 11,800 coins, and New Orleans striking 20,000 coins.