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    1852 Fairmont Collection Coins

    The early 1850s brought about a period of change in the United States. The Erie Railroad, one of the early major railroads in the United States, continued to expand its network during this period, contributing to the growth of rail transportation in the country. The California Gold Rush attracted a significant number of Chinese immigrants to the United States in the early 1850s. This marked the beginning of a significant Chinese community in the western United States. Yellow fever epidemics affected several American cities in the early 1850s, leading to increased awareness of public health issues and the need for improved sanitation measures. Amidst all this, American commerce began to increase as the nation’s boundaries expanded and its overseas trade grew.

    1852 Fairmont Liberty Half Eagles

    The $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle was exclusively produced along the American East Coast in 1852. The Philadelphia Mint lead the way in 1852, striking 573,901 coins in total. The two gold-specific branch mints at Charlotte and Dahlonega contributed to additional production with 72,574 coins and 91,584 coins, respectively.