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    1844 Fairmont Collection Coins

    It is an incredible testament to the quality and longevity of American coins that any Pre-1933 US Gold Coins are still available today. The fact that specimens from the 19th century are still around is impressive enough, but to have the added touch of history that Fairmont Collection coins possess is even more impressive.

    The Fairmont Collection

    This term is simply used to refer to a group of Pre-33 US Gold Coins that were repatriated to the US in the late 2010s. These coins were discovered in foreign banks, having originally left the US as part of international trade between the United States and other nations, only to sit in bank vaults for decades to come.

    1844 Fairmont Liberty Half Eagles

    In 1844, all four existing branches of the United States Mint issued $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagles. The Philadelphia Mint and New Orleans Mint led the way in production, striking 340,330 coins and 364,600 coins, respectively. The Charlotte Mint issued the fewest at just 23,631 coins, while the Dahlonega Mint produced 88,982 coins.