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    .99999 Call Of The Wild

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    Canadian Call of the Wild Coins from JM Bullion

    The Royal Canadian Mint is known for the production of brilliant bullion and commemorative coin collections. Within its catalog, you’ll find arguably the most impressive gold bullion coin released each year, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. This coin was the first to feature .9999 pure gold content and remains among the few gold coins for sale to use such purity in production. The Royal Canadian Mint didn’t stop there in its pursuit of brilliant gold coinage.

    Launched in 2014, the Canadian Call of the Wild gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint include a stunning purity level of .99999 gold. The coins in this series are available with 1 Troy oz of gold in each release with additional 1/10 oz issues available for some of the designs. Explore the unique Canadian Call of the Wild gold coin collection below!

    About the Canadian Call of the Wild Series

    Each of the coins released in the Call of the Wild Series focuses on some of the prominent native species found across North America, and in Canada specifically. The vast majority of the wildlife designs featured within this collection focus on predators or large land mammals that live in the wild, open spaces of Canada. There is one new design issued each year with a common design element featured in the background field of the reverse side of the coins.

    The Call of the Wild Series gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint focus on animals with unique roars, growls, or wild calls. The background field on the reverse includes radiating lines that are meant to mimic the sound waves of the animal’s call. Since 2014, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued the coins with five different designs. Each design is the work of famed wildlife artist Pierre Leduc, with Susanna Blunt’s obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth II featured on the coin’s obverse.

    Designs in the Canadian Call of the Wild Series

    All coins in the Canadian Call of the Wild gold collection feature the same obverse designs. The right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is found on this side of the coins. Created in 2003 by Susanna Blunt, this design is the fourth-generation effigy for Canadian coinage and just the second portrait of a monarch created by a Canadian artist for the Royal Canadian Mint. The engravings on this side of the coins include the year of issue, the face value of $200 (CAD), “Elizabeth II,” and the Latin phrase “D.G. Regina.”

    On the reverse side of the Canadian Call of the Wild Series gold coins, you’ll find a new wild species each year. The collection launched with the Howling Wolf in 2014 and features the shriek of the Golden Eagle on the 2018 coin. Details on each of the designs include the following for each year available so far:

    • 2014 Howling Wolf Coin: Depicting the gray wolf, this coin features the head of a wolf as its muzzle closes slightly to unleash its echoing howl into the wilderness. Wolves are found throughout the Canadian wilderness and are famed pack hunters, taking down prey much larger by hunting in greater numbers than their targets.
    • 2015 Growling Cougar Coin: The cougar, otherwise known as a mountain lion or puma, is the most elusive and silent predator in the Canadian wilderness. Stalking its prey and pouncing without notice, cougars have increasingly come in contact with mankind as humans expand their reach.
    • 2016 Roaring Grizzly Coin: The grizzly bear is the largest species of brown bear on the North American continent. With a range stretching from California in the United States to the Yukon Territories of Canada, the grizzly is a fearsome predator that is rightly considered an apex predator.
    • 2017 Bugling Elk Coin: The elk is the largest species of deer in the world and is native to both the North American and Asian continents. Elk were vital to the First Nation tribes of Canada, shedding valuable antlers on an annual basis, providing hundreds of pounds of fresh meat, and fur for clothing and blankets. The elk’s mating call is known as a bugle.
    • 2018 Golden Eagle Coin: Golden eagles are the most widespread species of eagle in the world and are prominent throughout various regions of Canada. The Golden Eagle is a perfect addition to this pure .99999 gold series.
    • 2019 Grunting Moose: The massive, powerful moose is one of the largest mammals on the North American continent and features as the sixth design in the Canadian Call of the Wild Series. the Moose is featured with a giant bull moose raising its head as it lets out a loud grunt. You can see the detail of its fur and large antlers, with the traditional radiating “sound waves” as the background design element.
    • 2020 Yowling Bobcat: In the seventh release, the Call of the Wild Series features one of the more elusive wild cats on the North American continent. The bobcat is often confused visually for a lynx, even though it more closely resembles a common housecat. A bobcat will hiss and snarl if its feels threatened by the presence of a predator or human. The only time it releases a loud, audible call is during mating season when it “yowls” to alert other males to its presence.

    Important Features of the Call of the Wild Series

    The Call of the Wild gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint have some significant features designed to secure your purchase of .99999 pure gold. First and foremost, each of the coins in this collection dating back to the 2014 Howling Wolf features the Maple Leaf privy mark introduced by the mint in 2013. The Maple Leaf privy mark is found on the reverse of Canadian coinage and is micro-laser-engraved with the year of issue visible. The final two digits of the issue year are in the center of the privy mark and visible only under magnification.

    Additionally, the coins in this collection all come inside of individual credit-card-sized packages. The packaging includes a unique Certificate of Authenticity for each coin to provide further peace of mind with your purchase.

    About the Designer

    Pierre Leduc was charged with the design of all coins in the Canadian Call of the Wild Series. Leduc is a native of Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada and gradually found his way into painting as a professional career. During his studies as a biology student at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, a professor discovered his artistic talent and sought his help in illustrating works on Quebec’s flora. A biologist by degree, his career as a painter began with works in zoology, entomology, and botany.

    Over the course of his career, he veered toward wildlife painting. Since 1986, he has traveled the world creating beautiful works of wildlife art inspired by the native species of Quebec and Ontario in Canada, as well as locations through Europe, Africa, and the United States. He has worked on countless design products for the Royal Canadian Mint. His “PL” initials are featured on the reverse of all gold coins in the Call of the Wild collection.

    Buying Canadian Call of the Wild Gold Coins

    All of the coins released to date in the Canadian Call of the Wild collection are available to you from JM Bullion. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team with your questions. Call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email.