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    Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins

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    Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins from JM Bullion

    Perth Mint Gold Koala coins may be among the newest coins from the famous Australian facility, but these coins featuring the nation’s most beloved creature have quickly climbed to the top of every investor and collector’s must-have list. The Gold Koala coins from the Perth Mint attract the attention of investors and collectors every year, thanks to their impressive purity and constantly changing design features that make each year’s production cycle unique.

    History of the Perth Mint Koala Coin

    The Perth Mint first introduced a koala coin in 2007 with the release of a Silver Koala coin. The gold and silver program share a few common traits. First and foremost, the design motif always focuses on the koala and its primary dietary source, the eucalyptus leaf. However, the specific design used each year changes to add value to and interest in the coin program. Although the design sets change each year, you can always expect to see either a single koala or an adult and youth, along with eucalyptus.

    Perth Mint Gold Koala coins were introduced a year later in 2008, and the gold coins are only struck in proof versions, unlike the silver program which features both a bullion and proof version. The Gold Koala is also available in fewer weights. While the Silver Koala is struck in 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, and larger 10 oz and 1 Kilo coins, the Gold Koala is only produced in 2 oz, 1 oz high-relief proof, 1/10 oz, and 1/25 oz by the Perth Mint.

    Design of Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins

    As already mentioned, the Perth Mint uses a different depiction of the koala species on the reverse of its Australian Gold Koala coinage each year. While the Perth Mint rolls out a new design each year, it is shared across the silver and gold versions of the coin release. As an example of one of those unique options, the 2016 Australian Gold Koala depicts an adult koala in a eucalyptus tree. Though the marsupial species famously spends as many as 20 hours each day sleeping, in this 2016 design the creature is captured awake and alert as it walks along a tree branch on all four paws. There are some eucalyptus leaves hanging down into the design field from above and the primary design element is accompanied by markings of the coin’s weight, purity, metal content, and date of issue. There is also the marking of the series name, “Australian Koala” and the mint’s “P” mint mark.

    Engravings on the reverse side of the coin always feature the phrase “Australian Koala” above the design field, with the year of minting, weight, purity, and metal content engraved below. On the obverse side of all coins in the program, regardless of year of minting, is the image of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley.

    The face value of Perth Mint Gold Koala coins is based upon the weight of the individual coin in question. All coins are struck using .9999 pure gold, and the face value for each weight is as follows:

    • 1/25 oz: $4 (AUD)
    • 1/10 oz: $15 (AUD)
    • ¼ oz: $25 (AUD)
    • ½ oz: $50 (AUD)
    • 1 oz: $100 (AUD)
    • 2 oz: $200 (AUD)

    Each of the coins has a face value that is representative of the fractional weight of the coin itself, with only the 1/10 oz coin lacking a direct correlation to the weight.

    Mintage Numbers for Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins

    Like many of the other popular coin programs from the Perth Mint, the Gold Koala coins are subject to a maximum mintage policy. This means that the Perth Mint establishes a maximum mintage for each coin program and coin within a series, and once that maximum is met no more coins will be produced in that given year.

    For example, in 2015 the Perth Mint set the mintage levels for the 1/10 oz Australian Gold Koala Proof coin at just 1,500 coins. The previous year, 2014 ¼ oz Australian Gold Koala Proof coins were capped at just 1,000 coins. To see a full list of Perth Mint mintages, visit the Perth Mint Mintages page.

    About the Perth Mint

    The Perth Mint was the final of the three British colonial mint facilities to open on the Australian continent. Following the discovery of gold and other precious metals throughout Australia’s west, the Sydney and Melbourne Mints were boosted by the production capacity of the Perth Mint. Opened in 1899, the Perth Mint is now the oldest operating facility in the country following the closure of the Sydney and Melbourne facilities.

    In 1970, control of the Perth Mint passed to the government of Western Australia, and remains a state-owned entity to this day. While its original purpose was to refine gold from Western Australia and produce British sovereigns, today it is the nation’s official bullion mint, and produces some of the most popular commemorative coins in the world.

    Although it remains a separate entity for the national government’s Royal Australian Mint, all coins from the Perth Mint enjoy legal-tender status under the Currency Act of 1965.

    Purchasing Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins at JM Bullion

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