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    OPM Gold Bars Online

    OPM is an acronym for a company named Ohio Precious Metals. They are based in North America and have risen to immense fame due to their high production quality coupled with their environmentally conscious business practices. Every OPM product is primarily derived from recycled materials meaning that this particular company does everything in its power to reduce their waste output.

    Our OPM gold bars come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large as to suit any type of investor. Every OPM gold bar displays the company's mintmark as well as the .9999 purity and the weight. Smaller OPM gold bars are accompanied with an assay card as a means of ensuring their authenticity.

    About OPM

    Ohio Precious Metals is located in Jackson, Ohio which is in the Southeastern part of the state, closer to West Virginia. They opened their doors in 1974 and from day one their business has been based on the refining and minting of precious metals, mainly for investment purposes. While they are arguably most popular for their minting of silver bars and rounds, OPM also has a strong foothold in the gold bullion industry, as well.

    People who care about their carbon footprint and the environment in general tend to be attracted to OPM because their bullion products are sourced primarily from recycled materials. They take their sustainability efforts one step further in that they do not work with recycled materials that are contaminated by radioactive or otherwise chemically dangerous materials. You can look around, but there is little chance of finding a mint that is more conscious and respectful of the environment than OPM.

    Gold Bar Sizes

    OPM gold bars range in size from being as small as 1 ounce to as large as one kilogram. Whether you are a beginning investor looking to get started in the gold bullion industry or an experienced trader who simply wants to add to an existing investment portfolio, OPM has a gold bar for you.

    Security/Anti-Fraud Devices

    It is an unfortunate truth that, in the bullion industry, countless numbers of counterfeits exist and are constantly being passed off as valid metal. Due to this, it is of increasing importance for gold and silver investors to ensure the authenticity of the bullion they are purchasing. OPM, as a company, recognizes this and does their best to avoid fraud and counterfeits by providing an assay card with their smaller gold bars. An assay card is attached to a small plastic encasement, typically not too much bigger than a credit card, which has a verifiable serial number or other indication proving the gold's validity. Assay cards are most often found on the 1 oz OPM gold bar.