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    MintID Gold Bars

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    1 oz MintID Gold Bar (New w/Assay)
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    MintID Gold Bars

    MintID gold bars are unique bullion products that incorporate advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and digital verification features. MintID, a company specializing in secure precious metals, has developed a system that allows for the authentication and verification of their gold bars.


    Each MintID gold bar is engraved with a unique alphanumeric serial number and is sealed in a tamper-evident CertiLock® case. This case securely houses the gold bar and contains a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip embedded within it. The NFC chip can be scanned using a smartphone equipped with the MintID app, allowing for quick and easy verification of the gold bar’s authenticity.

    The MintID app provides real-time authentication, verifying the serial number, weight, and other relevant information of the gold bar. Additionally, the app displays the bar’s digital profile, including the manufacturer, fineness, and any relevant historical or provenance information.

    The inclusion of anti-counterfeiting measures and digital verification features in MintID gold bars aims to provide peace of mind to buyers and sellers, allowing them to confidently authenticate the bar’s origin and integrity.


    MintID Gold Bars have simple designs, like many other major gold bullion collections. The bars have the MintID logo and identifying hallmarks on the obverse. The reverse features the MintID logo in a repeating pattern, along with the NFC microchip symbol in a colorized, blue circle.

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