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    Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

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    Buying Johnson Matthey Gold Bars from JM Bullion

    Johnson Matthey has been in the precious metals business for a very long time and their experience shows in their massive offering of precious metals. Most people know and were introduced to JM via their silver bars, but they also produce gold bars. Johnson Matthey, unlike many other companies which produce gold and silver bullion, is a company that spans across multiple different industries including medical, automotive, pharmaceutical, and more.

    Over their nearly 200-year history, Johnson Matthey has built themselves quite the reputation that is evident in both their popularity and expansion into a plethora of different industries.

    About Johnson Matthey

    Founded in 1817, in London, England, Johnson Matthey first started out as a gold assaying company. There are few mints that have existed nearly 200 years, and even fewer that have been as wholly successful as Johnson Matthey. As a company, JM has nearly 10,000 employees worldwide.

    The design of Johnson Matthey bars is generally very simplistic, unlike companies like PAMP Suisse which makes each and every bar they mint boast an incredibly intricate design. Not every JM gold bar has an overly simplistic design, though you will find that such is true a majority of the time.

    Gold Bar Sizes

    As far as gold bars produced by Johnson Matthey are concerned, the two most commonly found sizes are both 1 oz and 10 oz. Most JM gold bars you will find will not be protected by assay, though a few 1 oz versions are. Most often, when an investor is looking to purchase a JM gold bar they are looking for the security that the Johnson Matthey name brings as opposed to a wide selection of gold bar sizes.

    Finding a trustworthy mint is something every investor looks for, and for those loyal to the Johnson Matthey brand, having only one or two sizes of gold bars is not going to deter them from making a purchase.