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    100 Gram Gold Bars at JM Bullion

    As you begin to shop for gold bars in smaller weights, under 250 Grams in particular, you’ll find the variety of choices begins to expand. At the 100 Gram gold weight, you’ll find variety not only in the design of the bars themselves, but also in the style and shape of the bars. This weight is an affordable price point for any gold investor.

    100 Gram Options

    Given the popularity of 100 Gram gold, it is no surprise that refiners around the globe offer these bars in various styles and shapes. The three most common versions include the following:

    • Hand Poured: The metal is melted in a crucible and then poured into a mold that is typically a one-piece design. The back of the bar (reverse) is left exposed, often resulting in the development of waffle patterns, ripples, and/or pour lines on the back of the bar as the metal cools.
    • Cast/Cast Poured: Cast bars are produced in a similar manner to hand-poured, except the metal is first placed in a two-piece mold or cast that completely encloses the metal. While hand-poured bars melt the metal and then pour it into molds, cast bars place gold nuggets, ingots, or shot into the mold/cast and then heat the mold/cast to melt the metal and shape it to the cast.
    • Minted/Pressed: Similar to coin production, finished blanks are used in the production of pressed/minted bars. These blanks are loaded into machines that cut and stamp the bars with designs pressed on the shaped blank using thousands of pounds of pressure.

    Common Features

    As with most gold bars, you’ll find that the majority of 100 Gram gold bars have common features across a variety of product lines. The most common features will be the presence of a mint logo or mark, along with the weight, metal content, and purity. Some collections offer unique serial numbers, as well as assay card packaging. There are 100 Gram bars that feature more intricate designs, such as those in the PAMP Suisse Fortuna and Rosa programs, as well as Argor-Heraeus Kinebars.

    Major Producers

    When you buy gold bars online, you’ll notice a number of familiar names in the precious metals industry. From sovereign mints to private refiners, major brands around the world produce 100 Gram gold. This list includes, but is not limited to, the likes of Perth Mint, Valcambi Suisse, PAMP Suisse, Argos-Heraeus, Geiger Edelmetalle, Scottsdale Mint, and even Johnson Matthey. Though Johnson Matthey is no longer actively producing metals, its bars are still available in the market as Secondary Market items.

    Invest in 100 Gram Gold with JM Bullion

    Please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion if you have any questions. Our team can assist you at 800-276-6508, online using our web chat, and via our email address. You can also visit our Payment Methods page whenever you need answers to common payment-related inquiries.