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    10 oz Gold Bars

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    Buying 10 oz Gold Bars

    Ten oz gold bars are more of a medium-sized gold bars as there are plenty of bars smaller than them and a few bigger than them, as well. These bars are offered by a variety of different companies, though the selection of companies producing 10 oz gold bars is significantly smaller than those producing 1 oz gold bars.

    As far as investment is concerned, 10 oz gold bars constitute a sizable initial investment, as well as a fairly large addition to an existing investment.

    All of our 10 oz gold bars have a purity of .9999 and most of the time that indication is stamped directly onto the bar in addition to the 10 oz weight and the mintmark of the producing mint.

    There are quite a few different producers of 10 oz gold bars, and due to this fact, the price you pay for a 10 oz bar will vary slightly depending on who produced the bar. In reality it does not matter who produced the bar so long as it is 10 ounces and carries a purity of .9999. Seeing as most investors have an end goal of reselling their gold in hopes of turning a profit, finding a 10 oz bar for the lowest possible price is imperative.

    Easy to Handle and Store

    Like their smaller 1 oz counterparts, 10 oz gold bars are easy to handle and store due to the fact that, despite their massive value, their size is quite small. Ten oz gold bars are able to fit just about anywhere safely and securely. Many people are under the impression that in order to invest in precious metals it is a requirement to own a vault or lock box, though such is not the case. So long as you have a small, safe place set aside in your residence, your gold bars will be just as safe as they would be in a lock box.

    Assay Cards

    Some of our 10 oz gold bars are accompanied and protected by an assay card. An assay card is more or less a plastic housing with a certification that works to both protect your gold bar and certify its authenticity. While some of our 10 oz gold bars are accompanied by protective assay, others are shipped to you with a separate assay card which looks more like a business card.

    Some other gold bars, instead of having an assay card, simply have a serial number stamped into the bar itself. This serial number is unique to your bar and your bar only and can be verified by the producing mint.

    10 oz Gold Bar Producers

    As the weight of gold bars goes up, the number of producers offering gold bullion bars tends to go down. Only the largest producers of gold bars offer up 10 oz gold. Though it is a popular weight with serious investors, it is not as affordable as options at 1 oz and below in the 1 Gram, 2.5 Gram, and 5 Gram range. You will commonly find 10 oz gold bars produced by the likes of the following mints:

    • Perth Mint: The Perth Mint was founded in 1899 by the Royal Mint of England as the third and final branch mint in Australia. The federation movement in Australia threw the status of all three mints into question as the nation moved toward independence. When the Royal Australian Mint was founded in 1965, the Perth Mint continued as the only other mint in operation. As of 1970, it is a state-owned facility of the government of Western Australia.
    • Credit Suisse: The oldest refiner in Switzerland, Credit Suisse was formed in 1856 as a banking and financial institution to fund the development of a national rail system in Switzerland. After later funding the national electric grid’s development, the organization got into refining and continues that role to this day.
    • PAMP Suisse: Regarded by many as the leading bullion brand in the world, many of PAMP Suisse’s product lineups are instantly recognizable as symbols of the highest quality in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion refining. Its major product lines include Fortuna, Rosa, and the Lunar Calendar Series.
    • Valcambi Suisse: Another of Switzerland’s leading refiners, Valcambi Suisse was formed in 1961 as Valori & Cambi, and was for decades owned by another refiner in this group: Credit Suisse.
    • Asahi Refining: A new refiner on the global stage, Tokyo-based Asahi acquired the refining operations of London-based Johnson-Matthey after it opted to exit the precious metals refining and production in 2016. Asahi Refining purchased Johnson-Matthey’s North American operations in 2016, acquiring refining and assaying centers in the United States and Canada.

    Common Designs for 10 oz Gold Bars

    From the list of mints mentioned above, you can expect to find a range of popular designs. In many cases, you may already be quite familiar with these designs as many are produced on an annual basis and form the backbone of bullion holdings among countless investors. A quick rundown of these popular designs includes:

    • Fortuna: The first intricate bar design in world history, Fortuna is released by PAMP Suisse annually and comes with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium options. The bars always feature Fortuna’s left-profile bust on the obverse and the PAMP logo on the reverse.
    • Rosa: Another intricate design from PAMP, the Rosa design is far more delicate. The image on the obverse is that of a single rose stem with several blooming rose petals and a few thorns.
    • Lunar Calendar Series: One of the newer bar collections from PAMP, this design series offers new images for each lunar date reflecting the animal featured on the Zodiac. This collection is unique in its use of reflective designs, with the obverse posing a different view of the same element as found on the reverse.
    • Perth Mint Swan: Elegant and simple in its own right, the Perth Mint is Swan is by far one of the most respected bullion bar lineups and one of the most coveted by investors. It offers the beautiful image of the Perth Mint Swan with its swooping feathers.

    Buying 10 oz Gold Bars from JM Bullion

    We encourage JM Bullion customers to reach out to us with questions at 800-276-6508. Our team is also available to you online through our live chat and email address features. If you have questions about Payment Methods, you may find our FAQ page on this subject helpful in determining what methods of payment are accepted and what minimums, if any, apply to your purchase.