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    Gold Touches 15-Month Low, Sunshine Bars Live

    Posted on April 12, 2013


    Gold and silver have dipped to their lowest levels in months, as stop-loss orders were triggered in heavy fashion this morning when gold dropped below what had been strong support at $1,539.

    Currently, gold is down $31 on the morning, sitting at $1,534.57, while silver has shed a dollar even, with a current price of $26.82. Both of these prices represent some of the cheapest buying opportunities of the year, and prices can be locked in based on up to the second pricing at

    1 oz Sunshine Gold Bars Live

    As we continue to expand our inventory, we have heard many request for Sunshine Mint gold products, both for their cost-effectiveness as well as their general popularity with investors. Because of this, we have added a large amount of 1 oz Sunshine Mint gold bars to our inventory, which are available for sale now.

    These are the “Version 2” Sunshine gold bars, which utilize the security feature on the back, allowing investors to use special Sunshine Decoders to verify the legitimacy of their bars. Our favorite aspect of the Sunshine Gold bars is that despite the fact that they are .9999 fine, include an assay, and also have the special security feature, we are able to offer them as our lowest-priced 1 oz gold bar of all.

    Make sure to take a look today, and good luck with your investments.

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