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    Gold and Silver Slide Further, New Products

    Posted on April 03, 2013


    Gold and silver have continued their slide as investors have renewed optimism towards the US recovery, as well as quelled fears over Cyprus.

    Gold currently sits at $1,572, down just over $3 from the open. Silver is priced at $27.15, which is down just over a dime this morning. Both of these prices are at or approaching 3 month lows, providing excellent value relative to recent levels.

    New Products at JM Bullion

    In an effort to continue expanding our inventory, we have added a few new products this week – the first being Switzerland 20 Franc gold coins, seen below:



    These coins contain .1867 ounces of gold, but their total weight is slightly higher due to the coin’s 22 karat purity, which makes a sturdier coin. We have a limited quantity of Francs in stock now, and look to expand our quantities in the near future.

    For those investors who enjoy our new 1 oz Sunshine rounds, we also offer secondhand, varied condition 1 oz Sunshine rounds, with their advantage being lower pricing relative to the brand new pieces.

    We have also been moving a lot of the 2013 Canadian Silver Pronghorns, and still have a decent quantity left in stock – make sure to check these out before they are gone.

    Thank you for reading, and good luck investing.

    JM Bullion

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