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    Get a Jump on 2023 American Eagles with JM Bullion

    Posted on January 06, 2023

    America’s favorite coin program is ready to take flight in 2023. With the New Year upon us, the United States Mint is preparing to release the first waves of 2023 American Eagle Coins, including the popular Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle. Right now, JM Bullion has pre-sale listings ready for American Silver Eagles, American Gold Eagles, and Certified American Eagles. Act now and be the first to get your 2023 American Eagles!

    American Silver Eagle

    The American Silver Eagle Coin is back in 2023 and offers its popular new reverse design from Emily Damstra for the third year. The new reverse was introduced in mid-2021 and replaced John Mercanti’s original design from 1986 that showcased a front-facing heraldic eagle. The new reverse design features a bald eagle in flight as it swoops down into view with an oak branch in its talons.

    JM Bullion currently has the 2023 1 oz American Silver Eagle available to purchase through our individual listing. However, you will also find our 2023 Silver Eagle listings ready for the Tube-20 quantities, Monster Box-500 quantities, and the distinctive JM Bullion MintSealed Tube of Silver Eagles.

    American Gold Eagle

    If silver isn’t your preference, the United States Mint offers its beloved American Gold Eagle. At JM Bullion, we’ve got the 2023 American Gold Eagles available for pre-sale. As with previous years, the 2023 Gold Eagle comes in weights of 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz gold. Like the Silver Eagle, the Gold Eagle is in its third year with a new reverse design. This new reverse design comes from Jennie Norris and depicts the head of the eagle in left-profile relief with a stoic gaze in the bird’s eye and detailed plumage.

    Certified American Eagles

    In addition to the primary 2023 American Eagle options, JM Bullion has certified coins available as well. Both the Silver and Gold Eagle coins are available on our site with perfect and near-perfect certifications from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and the Professional Coin Grading Service.

    Finally, make sure to stay alert to additional 2023 American Eagle options. These include the Platinum Eagle, Palladium Eagle, proof versions of the Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle, as well as special colorized and gilded versions of the 2023 American Silver Eagle Coins.

    Invest Early in 2023 with new American Eagles

    The American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle are more than just the best-selling coins in America, these beautiful sovereign bullion coins are among the best-selling coins around the world. JM Bullion customer service is available to assist you with any questions at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Remember to keep tabs on our weekly blog posts and follow us on social media for regular posts.

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