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    How do I initiate micro deposits for eCheck (ACH) payments?

    Note: We recommend linking your bank account via the secure bank login method because it verifies your bank account instantly, which means that we can process your order without additional delays.

    In order to initiate micro-deposits, the name in your account profile must be your legal name.

    The steps to create the micro-deposits to link your account are simple: enter your bank account information, receive two small deposits into your checking account, then return to verify the deposits.

    Select “eCheck (ACH)” During Checkout

    When checking out, the option for ACH will appear at the top of the screen. After you select the ACH payment method, a gold button to link your bank account will appear.

    When you are ready to set up your payment, click on the button to link your bank account. Click on the button to proceed. A pop-up should appear:

    Click the “Connect your bank manually” Button

    Once you hit continue, a list of banks will appear. Use the search bar to locate your bank. At the bottom, the option to connect your bank manually will appear:

    Once you click on the button to connect your bank manually. you will be brought to this screen:

    Select “Checking” Account Type

    When you are ready to begin, click the continue button. You will be brought to a screen to choose either a checking or savings accounts. We only accept checking accounts, so this is the option you need to select. Click continue to proceed.

    Enter Your Bank Routing & Account Numbers

    You will be asked to provide your routing number once and your account number twice, first to add it and a second time to confirm it. Once the account number has been added a second time, you will be provided with the following screen:

    Complete the Checkout

    After clicking continue, you will be directed to the checkout page. Your payment will show as verification pending at the top. Even though it’s pending, you still need to complete the checkout for your order to place.

    Look for the Micro Deposits the Next Business Day

    After placing your order, you will need to check your bank account within the next 24 hours for two micro-deposits to confirm the account. They will be for less than $1 each.

    Verify the Micro Deposits Amounts

    When they have deposited into your account. you will then return to our site to complete your payment. To do so, simply log into your account or click here. Your account show look similar to this:

    By clicking on Verify, you will be prompted to enter in your microdeposits. The deposits should be numbered in your bank account, so make sure they are entered as the correct deposits. Once the deposits are confirmed, you will receive a confirmation screen.

    Shortly following your confirmation, you will be notified via email that your payment has been processed and your order has been paid. Your bank account will be saved for future purchases.

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