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    Explore a Different Type of Silver with Silver Statues

    Posted on March 31, 2017

    There’s no shortage of creativity from private mints and refineries around the globe when it comes to brilliant silver bullion options for numismatists and collectors. In a never-ending quest to answer the unprecedented demand among precious metals enthusiasts, mints are expanding their product portfolios to offer some items that are outside the realm of traditional silver and gold production.

    Heads or Tales Coin Company is leading the way with an exceptional variety of pure silver statues from various programs currently in production. These vary in themes from the Coins of the World Statues series to biblical designs and Lost World options. All of these silver statues come to life in brilliant 3D from well-known sculptors. Browse the available silver statues from JM Bullion below!

    Coins of the World Statues Series

    The debut offering developed by Heads or Tales Coin Company was the Coins of the World Statue series, which celebrates six different coin programs from private and sovereign mints alike. The first release in the series highlights the single most popular coin available in the market today. The American Silver Eagle debuts as the first of these statues, weighing in at an impressive 20 Troy oz of .925 pure silver.

    Each release in the planned series is expected to have a different designer, and the statues will feature a purity level of .925 silver. Weights will vary by design, and the mintage for each statue is set to be limited to just 1,000 statues in total.

    20 oz American Silver Eagle Statue

    As mentioned above, the first release in the series is the 20 oz American Silver Eagle Statue. Created in honor of the American Silver Eagle, the official silver bullion coin of the United States, these statues each feature the following design aspects:

    The American Silver Eagle coin debuted in 1986 as the official silver bullion product of the US government. It is available only in a 1 oz weight and today features both bullion, proof, and burnished versions for purchase by numismatists. With the onset of the Great Recession and the resurgence of precious metal prices, the popularity of the American Silver Eagle skyrocketed.

    Each of these 20 oz American Silver Eagle statues features the image of the American bald eagle. Today the eagle is a common choice of symbolism for those wishing to represent the freedom and power of the United States, but the creature was almost overlooked in favor of the turkey as the national emblem of the nation.

    Hobo Nickel Silver Statue

    Paolo Curcio, known to many numismatists and art lovers as Mr. The, is the man behind the designs of all five releases in the Hobo Nickel Silver Round Series. Throughout 2016, these rounds have captivated the imagination of collectors everywhere and sold out quickly once available.

    Now, Heads or Tales Coins brings the Hobo Nickel collection to life with a 3D Hobo Nickel Silver Statue representing the reverse design from the second release in the round series. The hobo is captured in brilliant imagery that includes all the typical entrapments of the hobo lifestyle.

    The hobo in the statue is featured wearing tattered clothes, holding a corn-cob pipe in his teeth, and carrying all of his worldly possessions in a sack over his shoulder. The straw hat he’s wearing is tattered, and the ground he stands on is a rubble of rock and train tracks.

    Ariana and the Silverbugs

    Introduced to the numismatic world in 2014, the Ariana Silverbug Silver Round proved immensely popular from the get go. These rounds were commissioned by the online Reddit community of Silverbugs, a group of silver enthusiasts. The members of the community have been responsible for the imagination and creation that go into the design of the silver rounds in this series.

    In total, there are now three Silverbug Fairy Rounds available for purchase, but Ariana was the first. This original design was commissioned by the Silverbugs to commemorate the addition of the 5,000th member to their online Reddit community. Today there are more than 10,000 members in the community, and Heads or Tales Coin Company celebrates with the Silverbug Ariana Statue as the second release in the Coins of the World Statue Series. Details of the Ariana statue include:

    • Production limited to a total of 1,000 statues.
    • Total weight of 5 Troy oz of .925 pure silver.
    • Ships in a protective box with Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Design honors Ariana, the original Silverbug Fairy.
    • Created by Caleb Nefzen.

    Lost World Collection

    The statues of the Lost World Collection are 65 million years in the making, and there are only 1,000 of these which will be made by Heads or Tales Coin Company. The individual mintage number of the statue is laser-etched onto the statue and reflected in the Certificate of Authenticity.

    First up in this exciting series is the T-Rex Silver Statue. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, known better as T-Rex, is so-named because it is believed to have been the “tyrant lizard,” with Rex the Latin for “king.” T-Rex lived throughout the continent of modern-day North America and on the island continent known as Laramidia, and has been found in fossil records dating to between 68 and 66 million years ago.

    T-Rex creatures were truly unique beasts, with a massive skull on its body balanced out by a long, heavy tail. The powerful hind limbs were much larger than the short fore limbs, which were nonetheless unusually powerful for their size. Although it is often depicted as an apex predator in films and other presentations, the T-Rex is believed to perhaps have been more of a scavenger that capitalized on the kills of other predators by scaring them off with sheer size and intimidation.

    Next in the collection is the Triceratops Silver Statue. The Triceratops was a unique species among the dinosaurs. The massive beasts were actually herbivores and had a massive skull with three horns, two of which protruded from the top of its skull while a third came from the tip of the snout.

    All 8 oz Antique Finish Triceratops Silver Statues feature a stunning design from Cosmin Morar, which depicts a youthful Ceratopsia, which was the final member of her species. The Triceratops was wiped out during the extinction event known as the Cretaceous-Paleogene event.

    Behind the stunning appearance of the Triceratops Statue is the hand-crafted modeling of 3D master sculptor Morar, and the proprietary antique finish of Heads or Tales Coin Company. The added antique finish of the statues contributes to the depth and warmth to the overall finish and appearance of the statue.

    Fantasy and Fairies Collection

    From the Fantasy and Fairies Collection, The 7 oz Antique Finish Silver Gwen the Good Luck Fairy Statue was imagined and designed by Mario Taboada Duro, a master sculptor of 3D silver statues and other products. This statue is made of solid silver and stands at a height of just over 10 cm in total. The statues are all hand-crafted and laser-etched.

    Gwen’s figure on the 7 oz Antique Finish Silver Gwen the Good Luck Fairy Statue is inspired by art from Tom Grindberg. The Gwen Silver Coin created by Grindberg marked the debut of this figure in the numismatic world. Now, that original design has come to life in a manner that brings her right off the surface of the coin and into your home.

    The primary design is intricately detailed and features the image of Gwen. The fairy is depicted with no clothing on, and tiny butterflies covering her body in various areas. She is shown standing on a base of overgrown fantastical mushrooms, and has large wings on the back of her figure.

    Also available from this collection, the 13 oz Antique Finish Silver Godric the Gargoyle Statues feature original artwork created by award-winning character artists, and master sculptor, Rafael Fernandez. There are incredible details used in this statue that include an oversized old-fashioned safe that includes texture to the handles, hinges, and rivets.

    In the primary design of the 13 oz Silver Godric the Gargoyle Statue you’ll find the massive, frightening form of the beast itself sitting perched atop the safe. The beast has a powerful form, capable of fighting off any evil spirits, and a fearsome look on its face that gives it the power to also scare off any people who would do harm.

    The concept of a gargoyle was to appear grotesque in nature and frighten off those who would harm a building or its occupants. They were often used on churches as well to help ward off any evil or other harmful spirits.

    Other Silver Statues from HotCo

    JM Bullion carries a variety of other silver statues from HotCo that are standalone offerings or part of a larger series of which we do not carry the entire collection. These include the following statues:

    • 1 Kilo Iwo Jima Statue: As depicted on this 1 Kilo Antique Finish Iwo Jima Silver Statue, you’ll note the moment when a group of United States Marines climbed the summit of Mount Suribachi to raise the American flag as a symbol of the US defeat of the Japanese on the island. The image featured on this Iwo Jima Silver Statue is based upon Joe Rosenthal’s Associated Press photograph of a group of six US Marines raising the American flag on the summit of the highest point on the island. Though the flag was raised, the battle to secure Iwo Jima and defeat pockets of Japanese resistance would continue.
    • 20 oz Samson and the Lion Statue: The judges of ancient Israel were known as biblical judges, and they were viewed as rulers or military leaders who presided over legal hearings. Samson was the last of the judges, and his many feats include defeating an entire Philistine army with the jawbone of a donkey and single handedly bringing a Philistine temple to the ground with his bare hands and brute strength. The 20 oz Antique Finish Silver Samson and the Lion Statue is based upon the classical work of Cristoforo Stati, an Italian sculptor of Christian imagery from antiquity. It features Samson standing above the lion’s back, holding its massive jaws open in his hands just before he rips the beast to shreds.
    • Coco the Dragon: The Coco the Dragon statue concept is available as both a 1 Kilo Statue and an 8 oz option. Dragons are some of the most popular creatures in myths and legends. Today, we equate them with fairy tales and fantasy lands full of intriguing creatures. Each statue shows Coco the Dragon with her wings outstretched. The dragon stands on top of a rocky crag with her mouth open as she screams. She looks as if she could jump off and take flight at any moment. These statues were designed by Jesse Sandifer, who is a master sculptor.

    Add Creativity to Your Collection!

    JM Bullion is proud to offer great variety in the silver for sale in our online catalog. In addition to the silver statues highlighted above, keep an eye on our website for the upcoming release of an exciting new collection of silver statues based upon the Legacy Collection of Frank Frazetta’s greatest artistic works.

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