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    Embrace Your Inner Power with the Ram of the Third Chakra

    Posted on April 18, 2022

    The third release of the Colorized Chakra Series from PAMP Suisse features the image of a powerful Ram. The third chakra is part of the broader system of interconnected wheels of energy. Within Hindi and Buddhist cultures, these spinning wheels along the spine are the intersection of the spiritual and physical worlds within the body. In the third release, a Ram is used to depict the power of the third chakra. In the latest issue of Solomon Islands silver coins, the Ram of the Third Chakra is captured beautifully.

    The Powerful Ram

    On the reverse side of the 2022 2 oz Colorized Solomon Islands Silver Ram of the Third Chakra Coins, you will find the impressive, colorized visual of a ram. The third chakra is associated with confidence and power, and it is represented by the color yellow with accompanying flames for the visual element. This powerful ram is captured in front-facing relief with colorization that brings its natural appearance to life but also incorporates a large volume of yellow in the design. Beneath the ram, you will notice the flames associated with the third chakra.

    Queen Elizabeth II Portrait

    The obverse face of 2022 Colorized Solomon Islands Ram of the Third Chakra Coins comes with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Arguably the most popular and widely used portrait of the Queen on the coinage of Britain and the Commonwealth Nations, this right-profile relief shows the Queen wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. This effigy of the Queen was designed by Ian Rank-Broadley in 1998 and remains in use to this day on various Commonwealth coin collections, including those coins of the Solomon Islands.

    Details of the Ram of the Third Chakra

    The Colorized Ram of the Third Chakra is the third release of this colorized series of silver coins from PAMP Suisse. Issued on behalf of the Solomon Islands, the coins have a face value of 5 Dollars and a limited mintage of just 1,500 coins per design. Each one contains 2 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver and arrives with a custom capsule to protect the coin. PAMP Suisse offers a themed shipper matching the design of each issue and provides a Certificate of Authenticity.

    These coins are colorized, shaped blanks with beautiful visuals on the reverse field. Each one is a proof-like specimen with frosted designs and mirrored fields. Most importantly, each coin is assigned an individual serial number that is noted on the obverse side of the coin beneath the effigy of the Queen.

    About the Third Chakra

    The third chakra is located at the solar plexus of the body and is located between the belly button and breastbone. Chakras within the body can be balanced or imbalanced, with different repercussions for your life. With your solar plexus or third chakra, in balance, you will feel the confidence and motivation needed to tackle life. Allow your third chakra to become imbalanced, and you will feel lowered self-esteem and exhibit a sense of aggression toward others.

    Continue Your Colorized Chakra Collection at JM Bullion

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