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    CyberMetals: Vaulted Metals for the Modern Investor

    Investing in precious metals traditionally means managing and storing physical assets like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium in a secure location. CyberMetals simplifies this process significantly. Through our platform, you directly own the metal while we handle the security and maintenance. Rest easy knowing your assets are safely guarded in our state-of-the-art secure storage facilities.



    Is CyberMetals just like a precious metals ETF?

    Absolutely not!

    In recent times, the market has seen an influx of gold and silver ETFs that offer the allure of precious metal ownership within a portfolio. However, these are indirect investments. You’re essentially investing in a company that owns metal and/or contracts to own metals at certain price points, with the asset’s value indirectly linked to precious metal prices.

    CyberMetals revolutionizes this by eliminating the middleman. Our platform ensures that when you invest, you’re actually adding physical metals to your portfolio. These assets are securely stored and untouchable without your express permission.

    You control your investment directly, without intermediaries. With CyberMetals, it’s your gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. No need to seek anyone’s permission to manage your assets.
    Moreover, CyberMetals leverages the wholesale network of A-Mark Precious Metals to ensure you get competitive pricing on purchases and sales, minimizing premiums and maximizing returns.

    Key Features for CyberMetals Investors

    With CyberMetals, trading flexibility is paramount. Precious metals are traditionally illiquid assets, challenging to convert to fiat currency. Our platform changes this dynamic, offering 24/7 trading access through an intuitive mobile app. This liquidity means you can act swiftly on market opportunities at your convenience.

    Should you decide to take physical possession of your metals, our partnership with JM Bullion makes the conversion from digital holdings to physical metals straightforward. Our Auto Buy feature utilizes dollar-cost averaging to help manage the natural volatility of precious metal prices, allowing for automated transactions based on your predefined settings.

    Unique Use Cases for CyberMetals

    A Physical Metals ETF Alternative:

    CyberMetals is perfect for investors looking to include precious metals in their portfolios without the need for physical storage, offering direct ownership and the tangible feel of real assets.

    Portfolio Rebalancing:

    Utilize the high liquidity of CyberMetals® to swiftly adjust your portfolio in response to market movements, enhancing overall investment agility.

    Managing Large Silver Holdings:

    For investors with substantial silver assets, CyberMetals® provides an effective management and storage solution, accommodating the bulk of silver with ease.
    Invest in CyberMetals and experience a new era of precious metal investment with unparalleled convenience, security, and control.

    CyberMetals FAQs

    Where are my precious metals stored?

    Your metals are securely housed at our top facilities in Las Vegas and Dallas, where each investor’s holdings are legally segregated, ensuring individual ownership.

    What are the fees with CyberMetals?

    Our fees are straightforward. You pay a very low premium over the spot price when purchasing metals. Storage fees are modest and vary by metal, with annual fees collected quarterly.

    Silver storage specifics:

    Due to its lower price point and higher volume, silver requires more storage space, thus incurring a slightly higher storage fee of 0.30% annually.

    Am I buying real metal or just a share in an ETF?

    With CyberMetals, every purchase translates into actual metals, legally owned by you, stored securely until you decide otherwise.

    How can I trust CyberMetals?

    CyberMetals is backed by the reputations of JM Bullion and A-Mark Precious Metals, with decades of excellence in the industry. Plus, we ensure transparency and security through regular audits by a top-tier accounting firm.

    Is my investment insured?

    Absolutely. Our secure storage facilities are fully insured, protecting your investment against unforeseen circumstances.

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