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    Buying Cupronickel Coins

    Cupronickel coins consist of a mixture of Copper and Nickel and are used in the minting of both circulating currency and collectible coins. Cupronickel, which was first introduced in Switzerland in 1879, is an alloy that consists of both copper and nickel. This alloy is especially resistant to corrosion, making it perfect in manufacturing of pipes, parts, and — even more common — coins. One of the most popular producers of Cupronickel coins for collectors is the Royal Canadian Mint who produces a variety of designs each year with intricate designs.

    These silver-colored circulation coins — currency and collectibles — include a mix of 75 percent copper, 25 percent nickel, and a minute amount of manganese. Today, coins such as the United States Jefferson nickel, the Swiss franc, and the South Korean 100 and 500 won are made of pure cupronickel. As a specialty coin dealer, JM Bullion features prized collectible coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM).

    The Royal Canadian Mint

    Also known as the “Monnaie Royale Canadienne” in French, the RCM produces all of Canada's coins and manufactures them on behalf of other countries. In addition to currency coins, the Mint also designs and manufacturers collector coins, including ones made of Cupronickel. Many of these coins represent the unique and interesting wildlife that dominates Canada. Here are three of the most popular cupronickel coins on the market today:

    2014 Canadian Cupronickel Eastern Meadowlark Coin

    The Mint produced this gem of a coin as part of its Birds of Canada series. The coin's design includes great detail and brilliant colors. The coin's obverse features a distinguished depiction of Queen Elizabeth II with inscriptions that read “Elizabeth II” and “DG Regina.” The converse side of the coin includes a centered image of a chirping Canadian Meadowlark that's perched on a fencepost.

    There are wildflowers on both sides of the meadowlark and a meadow in the distance. The yellow, brown, and violet used on this coin truly enhance the appeal of it.

    2014 Canadian Prehistoric Tiktaalik Glow in the Dark Coin

    In addition to the Birds of Canada series, the Royal Canadian Mint also introduced the Canadian Prehistoric Creatures series. The Tiktaalik, according to researchers, lived about 375 million years ago and could move in the water and on land. The Mint designed a coin based on the fossilized remains of a Tiktaalik discovered in Nunavut.

    Canadian artist, Julius Csotonyi, designed the image featured on the obverse side of the coin. If you transfer the coin into the dark after leaving it in the sunlight for a minute, a photo-luminescent image of the Tiktaalik's skeleton appears. It's truly a one-of-a-kind coin that impresses even the expert of collectors.

    2014 Canadian Cupronickel Scarlet Tanager Coin

    Unlike the other two coins, this one has a limited mintage of 17,500 coins. Like the others, the obverse side of the coin includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was designed by Susanna Blunt. The converse side of the coin features artwork by Pierre Leduc, who designed the brilliant and detailed image of the Scarlet Tanager in mid-flight.

    The Tanager is a member of the Cardinal family. It's set against a background full of leaves featured in different hues of green. The Scarlet Tanager's body is red and its wings and tail are black. The image on this coin really is a marvel, with a limited amount of coins produced, which makes it that much more precious to own.

    Buying Commemorative Cupronickel Coins

    Cupronickel coins are a great addition to any sized collection that aims to showcase the best and most brilliant coins on the market. Since these coins are acquired directly from the Royal Canadian Mint, collectors can rest assured that they are authentic and high quality.

    Each commemorative cupronickel coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint ships in a clamshell display case with a unique COA number to prove its authenticity. The three coins featured here have all been assigned a legal tender value of 25 cents.

    JM Bullion works directly with mints and distributors to offer the highest quality of products to collectors around the world. All coins come directly from the mint in brand new condition and are inspected. If you're interested in investing in a commemorative cupronickel coin, shop JM Bullion today. Call 800-276-650 or browse our website for more information.