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    Control the Seas with the New Barbados Trident Coins

    Posted on January 12, 2018

    Scottsdale Mint continues to introduce precious metal buyers to stunning new coin series with each passing year, and the latest introduction is no exception to the mint’s portfolio of silver and gold coins. The all-new Barbados Trident Coin debuted in 2017 with a silver release, and grew at the end of the year with a gold version of the same design. The elements of the coin’s design are uniquely tied to the people of Barbados and the history of their Caribbean island nation.

    Right now, the Barbados Trident silver and gold coins are available to purchase from JM Bullion. Before you view them in our online catalog, take a moment to learn more about the latest coin program launched by Scottsdale Mint in concert with a foreign government.

    Details on the Barbados Trident Coin Series

    This new coin series from Scottsdale Mint was announced with the silver coin as the first of four in a new annual collection from the mint. The 2017 1 oz Barbados Silver Trident Coin marked the debut of the series. The silver coin is unique in the release not only for its status as the debutant of the collection, but also the fact that it bears a proof-like finish as a bullion coin. There are hints of frosted and mirrored finishes that enhance the visual beauty of the Barbados Silver Trident.

    Scottsdale Mint has not officially announced the full offering of four coins in this collection beyond the 2017 1 oz Barbados Gold Trident Coin, but precious metal enthusiasts can likely expect to see two fractional-weight gold coins join the release schedule to complete the four-coin lineup.

    Design Elements of the Barbados Trident Coin

    The Barbados Trident Series is the first major bullion coin selection from Scottsdale Mint to set aside native animals as a design focus in favor of national symbols. The reverse side of the coin includes a massive trident head in the very center of the design field. The background field has rippling waves that mimic the waters of the sea, with the design border including engravings of the face value (One Dollar), weight, metal content, and purity. There is a beaded border around the very edge of the coin’s design field that features on both the reverse and the obverse.

    Flip the coins over to the obverse and you’ll find the national crest of Barbados. Each of the symbols in the national crest represent the people of Barbados. The two flowers on the shield are known as the Pride of Barbados, the national flower. Those flowers are accompanied by a bearded fig tree, which is found throughout the island.

    On either side of the shield are animals supporting its weight. The pelican to the right represents Pelican Island, which is a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Barbados. The island got its name due to its status as a nesting ground for the brown pelican species. The dolphin fish to the left of the crest represents the nation’s fishing industry. The national motto of “Pride and Industry” is featured below the crest.

    Also found on the obverse of the coin is the year of issue, split into “20” and “17” on either side of the national crest. There is a small trident head below each of the year-of-issue engravings, with the nation of issue below the crest.

    The Trident and Barbados

    The connection between the trident symbol and Barbados runs deep into its historical roots. Little more than a three-pronged spear, the trident was historically used as a spear fishing tool. However, in Greek classical mythology it is also known as the weapon of Poseidon (Neptune, to the Romans). Poseidon was the god of the seas and used his trident to control the tides, whirlpools, and the weather. So how does it connect to Barbados?

    The island of Barbados is a former British colony, and today the trident features in the center of the national flag. Only the broken trident head is found on the Barbadian flag, a symbol of the nation’s historic break from Britain and independence in 1966. Its use on the flag focuses on the three points of the trident, which represent the three principles of democracy: government of the people, for the people, by the people.

    A trident was first used during British rule over the island, where it was taken from the symbolism of Britannia and incorporated into the colonial badge representing the island. When Barbados gained its independence, the broken trident head was adopted as the national emblem and placed on the flag.

    Coin Release Details

    The two coins available to date include the 2017 Silver Trident and the 2017 Gold Trident. While the coins share the same design elements, there are other differences in the products that give them varying appeal to buyers. All of the silver coins for sale:

    • Arrive in protective capsules
    • Are limited in mintage to only 30,000 coins
    • Contain 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver
    • Bear a face value of One Dollar

    As mentioned above, the Silver Trident has a stunning proof-like finish for the bullion specimen. The 2017 Gold Trident has its own distinct features and highlights that include:

    • Shipment in the Scottsdale Mint’s Certi-Lock packaging
    • Limited mintage of only 5,000 coins
    • Contain 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure gold
    • Bear a face value of Five Dollars

    Both coins are available in a BU condition. Coins in this condition lack signs of wear and tear, but cannot be considered perfect coins either. There is the potential for minor flaws to present in any BU coin. These flaws are limited, however, to breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, or contact marks.

    Scottsdale Mint’s Growing Catalog

    Scottsdale Mint is a private American mint located in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. The mint prides itself on environmentally friendly refining operations. In particular, it works hard to source its silver from recycled sources whenever possible. The introduction of the Barbados Trident Coins marks an important expansion in its offerings as well. Scottsdale Mint made a name for itself in recent years by teaming with foreign governments and central banks on the African continent.

    Most silver buyers are by now likely familiar with the Congo Silverback Gorilla Series that launched in 2015. The mint works with other nations and governments in Africa to produce beautiful silver coin programs, including the Democratic Republic of Congo Water Buffalo, the new Chad Deathstalker Scorpion, and even a Ghana Leopard silver coin. Recently, Scottsdale Mint has also introduced coins for Fiji; most notably the Iguana Silver Coin.

    The introduction of the Barbados Trident coin marks the second issue of a silver coin program for a Caribbean nation. The first was the Cayman Islands Marlin Silver coin, which debuted earlier in 2017.

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