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    Continue Your Barbados Trident Collection with the 2022 Release

    Posted on May 20, 2022

    Since 2017, the Scottsdale Mint has issued an annual gold and silver bullion series for the Caribbean nation of Barbados. Situated at the far southern end of the Caribbean Sea near the South American continent, Barbados has a long history as a British colony but has been an independent nation since 1966. The Barbados Trident Series brings its national symbolism to life in a beautiful silver bullion series. While the designs are the same in this series each year, the keen observer will notice one key difference in each year’s release in this series of Caribbean silver coins.

    Obverse – National Coat of Arms

    On the obverse side of the 2022 1 oz Barbados Silver Trident Coin, you will find the image of the Barbadian coat of arms. The national seal of Barbados was authorized by Queen Elizabeth II in 1966 as the nation transitioned to independence. The design features a spade-shaped shield with the bearded fig tree at the center and two Red Pride of Barbados flowers in either of the upper corners. The shield is supported by the heraldic dolphin on the left and a pelican on the right. A knight’s helmet above has a hand emerging from it that clutches two sugar cane stalks. This field has a beaded border with a split date mark of “20” and “22” on either side of the shield. Beneath each piece of the date mark, you will find trident heads.

    Reverse – Trident Head

    The reverse face of 2022 Barbados Silver Trident Coins comes with the depiction of a larger trident head. This reflects the national symbol as found on the Barbadian flag, a three-panel design that has a large trident head in the center panel. This side of the coin has the identifying hallmarks and includes a beaded border of its own.

    Release Details

    As with previous releases, the 2022 1 oz Silver Trident Coin is available with 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and bears a face value of One Dollar. The coins are offered individually inside plastic flips, by multiples of 20 in protective tubes, or in mint-sealed boxes of 500. Each box holds a total of 25 separate tubes of 20 coins each.

    2022 Background Variation

    As mentioned earlier, the Barbados Trident Series is like many other bullion collections. Just like the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, and British Britannia collections, these coins feature the same primary designs each year. However, the Barbados Trident does slide in a unique feature each year. If you look closely at the background field on the reverse, you’ll notice that the Scottsdale Mint has given the coins a new “water effect” with each release. This year’s release includes gentle ripples of water moving across an otherwise calm background field. Previous years have featured everything from swirling whirlpools to symmetrical ripples and even a hammered visual one year.

    Add Caribbean Silver to Your Collection with JM Bullion

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