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    1902 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin

    The 1902 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins are enjoyed by coin collectors and bullion investors and are quite popular pre-1933 U.S. gold coins. The U.S. Mint struck 133,540 pieces, and as is the case with a majority of pre-1933 coinage, only a small fraction of these coins survive today. This is due to coins melting in large numbers after the nation abandoned the gold standard in 1933.

    The 1902 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins were designed by acclaimed engraver Christian Gobrecht, who had served as the U.S. Mint’s chief engraver during a part of the 1840s. Gobrecht gained his widest recognition as the designer of the Seated Liberty silver coinage of the mid- and late-19th century.

    Grading the 1902 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin

    When it comes to the 1902 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin or any other in the collection, collectors will almost always tell you that the most important feature of the coin is the condition it is in. Being that no one desires to add poorly preserved pieces to their collection, it is only right that collectors pour over the surfaces of the coin looking to spot any and all imperfections.

    Normally, sending a coin away for grading is a quick and easy way to figure out the exact condition of the coin, but not everyone has this luxury. Because of that, we have provided below a quick outline of the characteristics of graded Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin is one that spent absolutely no time change hands on the open market. Instead, these coins have been fully preserved and appear as though they were minted a few weeks ago—not many decades earlier. As you could have probably guessed, these are the most sought after types of Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins and also the ones that fetch the highest price tags.

    Extremely Fine: In Extremely Fine condition, the Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin in question will appear to be mostly pristine and free of any major signs of wear. Though you will be able to make out some wear and tear under close inspection, the reality of the matter is that very few Extremely Fine Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins will show major signs of wear.

    Fine: If a Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin is graded as being Fine, this means that it spent a good amount of time in circulation, but did not incur an overload of damage during that time. These coins will show consistent scratching on the faces, but apart from that will be in mostly nice condition. Another common type of wear found on these coins is the smoothing of raised images and inscriptions.

    Good: A Good Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin is one that was circulated more than most others. During its time exchanging hands, these coins have incurred a lot of heavy damage including chipping, scratching, and bending. Though in poor condition, these coins are still sought after by those collectors looking to put together a complete set of Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins.

    Pricing the 1902 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin

    In order to determine the price of an Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin, you realistically do not have to look much further than the coin’s grade and/or condition. When it comes to coins as old as this, even the most minor differences in grade/condition can mean for massive differences in value. Below is a chart aimed at giving you a better idea as to what the value of a graded Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coin is.

    Liberty Head $2.5 Gold Coin

    1902 Liberty Head $2.5 Gold Coin N/A N/A $340 $350
    Source: Red Book

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