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    1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin

    The 1908 $10 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin represent the second year that the popular Indian Head design was in production. The design, which is a bust portrait of Miss Liberty wearing an Indian-style headdress, was created by famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. In 1908 there were three types of coin: 1908, 1908 (D) minted in Denver and 1908 (S) minted in San Fracisco.
    In 1908, an important change was made to the $10 coin, on which the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” would appear. President Roosevelt did not like the idea of placing God’s name on money as he thought it was sacrilegious to do so, but an act of Congress brought the name back to the coin, and there it would remain for the rest of the coin’s production, until 1933.
    The first editions of the Indian Head $10 Gold Coin are now 100 years of age. Because of their age, many coins available on the open market may display a degree of age related wear and tear. This makes complete sense, after all, given the fact that these coins were minted to go into circulation. There are, however, Indian Head $10 Gold Coins available in brilliant, uncirculated condition as well.

    Grading the 1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin

    The coin grading process is thorough and complex, although much of the process comes down to the opinion of expert coin graders. As with any type of coin, the less wear and tear the coin has, the more valuable that coin may be. By thoroughly examining the coin’s obverse and reverse looking for any imperfections, one may be able to get a good idea of the coin’s grade.

    Use the specifications below to determine how your Indian Head $10 Gold Coin coin might be graded.

    Uncirculated: An uncirculated 1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin coin will show no signs of wear and tear at all. In spite of the coin’s age, the coin will look as though it just emerged from the Mint’s presses. The coin’s color and tone may give some clues about the coin’s age; however, the imagery and texture of the coin show no visible signs of physical wear and tear. By using a magnifying glass to thoroughly examine the coin, you can take a very close look at the coin’s detail such as the headdress and see if the image displays any signs of fading or being worn down.

    Extremely Fine: Just one step below the brilliant uncirculated grade, an extremely fine 1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin will have only minimal signs of wear and tear on the coin’s obverse and reverse. Some of the coin’s details may appear worn down. All of, or portions of the coin, may feel smooth to the touch from years of exchanging hands. Nevertheless, this coin is attractive and is in generally pristine condition.

    Fine: A fine coin still has all of its imagery present and the imagery is easily identifiable, however, the coin exhibits visual signs of wear and tear. The coin’s imagery and wording may be worn down, and the coin’s overall appearance may be dull.

    Good: Prolonged wear and tear has made the coin’s imagery or words difficult to make out. A close examination must be performed in order to determine what the coin is. Despite the fact that these coins may not be in great shape, they are still very popular because of their limited mintage and supply.

    Pricing the 1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin

    Giving the Indian Head $10 Gold Coin a price is something that involves the consideration of two factors—condition and type of coin. The 1908 edition Indian Head $10 Gold Coin is of limited mintage and may become increasingly difficult to find. By way of the chart below, you can determine how much you can expect to pay for a 1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin boasting a given grade.

    Indian Head $10 Gold Coin

    1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin N/A N/A $750 $775
    1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin (D) N/A N/A $825 $850
    1908 Indian Head $10 Gold Coin (S) N/A N/A $1,150 $1,250
    Source: Red Book

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