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    1919 Buffalo Nickel

    Buffalo Nickel were minted during the early parts of the 20th century and are a great addition to any collection. Though the US Mint has produced many iconic coin series over the years, few are more attractive than the Buffalo Nickel. The 1919 Buffalo Nickel is of particular interest to collectors, but is not see easy to collect. The reason for this is due to the fact that three different types of the coin were minted this year.

    Because so many different types of Buffalo Nickels were minted in 1919, collectors must first consider coin type then condition. Unfortunately, because these coins are so old, very few have survived the years in excellent condition.

    Grading the 1919 Buffalo Nickel

    When a collector considers the purchase of a Buffalo Nickel, the thing they will do before ever laying any money down is assess the condition of the coin. Because most collectors desire only the most well-preserved pieces, it makes sense that they pay close attention to any and all imperfections.

    Officially, the process of judging the condition of a coin is known as grading. While most grading is done by a professional organization, you can utilize the specifications below to gain a good idea of what qualities a coin of a certain grade will possess.

    Uncirculated: The rarest of the rare, Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels are those that were minted and then almost immediately preserved in a safe place. Having never exchanged hands, these coins will show no noticeable signs of wear. In fact, the coin’s luster will have been retained and will make the coin appear nice and shiny.

    Extremely Fine: 1919 Buffalo Nickels given this grade are those that saw only a short period of time in circulation. While some signs of wear and tear are able to be noticed, the coin will appear to be in pretty excellent condition overall. Some of the original shine will be present, but will have faded a bit due to the coin being handled.

    Fine: Given this grade, Buffalo Nickels are going to show significant signs of wear and tear that can be noticed without much close scrutiny at all. The most significant wear will be found around the buffalo’s front legs as well as near the Indian’s cheekbone.

    Good: This is the grade given to coins that were heavily circulated and show a lot of wear. These coins will have a lot of scratches, chips, and may even be bent. Because the Buffalo Nickel was so useful for Americans, you will find that those surviving Nickels are more often than not pretty beat up.

    Pricing the 1919 Buffalo Nickel

    When it comes valuing the 1919 Buffalo Nickel, you must not forget to consider the type of coin. Because three different styles of Nickel were produced in 1919, this is the first factor affecting price. Secondly, condition means everything to collectors. No matter the type of coin, collectors are always going to pay more for the piece if it is in well-preserved condition. The chart below should give you a better idea of what you can expect to pay for Buffalo Nickels given their type and grade.

    1919 Buffalo Nickel

    1919 $2.25 $3.50 $15 $32
    1919 D $15 $75 $260 $350
    1919 S $9 $50 $260 $375
    Source: Red Book

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