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    1949 Franklin Half Dollar

    The Franklin Half Dollar coin features a historically significant design and contains 90 percent fine silver. These coins were minted for only a 15 year period, and the portrait of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin make them desired by collectors and coin enthusiasts alike.

    These fifty-cent piece coins ceased to be minted in 1963. Because they have been used as circulation coinage and have been around for some time, many of the Franklin Half Dollars seen today will have age-related signs of distress or damage. In addition, these coins may have been exchanged thousands of times over eroding the images or details in the process. You can, however, still find these half dollar pieces in brilliant, uncirculated condition. Such coins appear to be brand new, and may garner higher premiums due to their excellent condition.

    Grading the 1949 Franklin Half Dollar

    Coin grading is performed by expert numismatists or a team of numismatists. The process is rigid, and there are many steps involved in it. A Grading company will verify the coin’s metal content and authenticity. They will also perform multiple physical inspections of the coin. A coin’s final grade, however, will be the opinion of coin experts that have examined the coin. You can get a very good idea of how your coin may be graded by thoroughly inspecting your coin while looking for any damage or signs of wear and tear.

    Use the specifications below to determine how your Franklin Half Dollar coin might be graded.

    Uncirculated: A coin in uncirculated condition will have no signs of damage and no scratches to the surface. These coins will look brand new, as if they just came out of the mint today. The coin’s details, such as the Liberty Bell, will appear freshly struck and will not feel worn to the touch. All lines and even small details will appear crisp and clean. You can use a magnifying glass to examine the details of your coin. A close look will show you if the coin’s details remain in new condition or of any wear or damage has taken place.

    Extremely Fine: A step just below the uncirculated grade, a coin in extremely fine condition may have some visible wear and tear on the coin’s surface. Certain details may appear to be worn down, and the coin may have a different feel to it. That being said, a coin in extremely fine condition remains beautiful and looks to be in near-perfect condition.

    Fine: A coin that is in fine condition shows noticeable wear and tear. The coin’s text, images or other details may have scratches or damage and the coin’s finish may appear to be less shiny. These coins generally show their age.

    Good: A coin that is in good condition may have severe damage to the faces, and this damage may make it difficult to simply determine what is on the coin. In fact, the damage may require use of a magnifying glass or other visual aid to make out certain details on the coin. In addition, any text on the coin may be unreadable. Despite this, coins in fine condition may be very valuable depending on their type, year, relative scarcity and other factors.

    1949 Franklin Half Dollar Pricing

    As stated previously, the 1948 edition of the Franklin Half Dollar is not considered rare. The price for these coins in very fine condition starts around $16 while a coin in extremely fine condition may trade for about $20. Premiums can rise from there depending on the coin’s grade and condition.

    1949 Franklin Half Dollar

    1949 Franklin Half Dollar N/A N/A $18 N/A
    1949 Franklin Half Dollar (D) N/A N/A $18 N/A
    Source: Red Book

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