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    Certified 1873 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins

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    Certified 1873 Liberty Gold Double Eagles at JM Bullion

    In this special category, JM Bullion is pleased to offer a range of certified 1873 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles. These coins were issued as the nation was navigating Reconstruction in the American South and striving for national unity following the US Civil War. The 1873 Liberty Double Eagles feature a peculiar feature in the date marks known as Open 3 and Closed 3 date marks; a unique element you’ll find in the coins available here from JM Bullion.

    Open-3 vs Closed-3 1873 Double Eagles

    1873-dated $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coins are often differentiated by so-called Open-3 and Closed-3 date marks. This refers to the 3 in the 1873 date mark and is a reference to the font used in the die that struck the coins. Certain coins were struck with a font that had a tighter closer to the 3, bringing the top and bottom loops of the number closer together (Closed-3), while other coins were struck with a font that featured a greater opening where the top and bottom loops of the number come together (Open-3).

    1873 Liberty Double Eagle Details

    The 1873 $20 Double Eagle coin featured James B. Longacre’s portrait of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the Type II reverse of Longacre’s original Great Seal design. In 1866, following the Civil War, the US Mint added the national motto to the reverse of the coins, with IN GOD WE TRUST engraved inside the ring of 13 stars above the eagle’s head.

    In total, the US Mint reported an overall mintage of 2,772,810 coins in the Double Eagle denomination in 1873. The Philadelphia Mint branch struck the highest value at 1,709,800 coins, followed by the San Francisco Mint branch with 1,040,600 coins. The Carson City Mint added a nominal volume of just 22,410 coins. The Philadelphia coins have no mint mark, while San Francisco coins feature an S on the reverse and Carson City coins have a CC on the reverse.

    America in 1873

    In 1873, the United States economy experienced a significant downturn known as the Panic of 1873, which marked the beginning of a severe economic depression that lasted until 1879. This crisis was triggered by several factors, including the collapse of major banks and the failure of railroad companies that had overextended their investments. The stock market crashed in September, leading to widespread bank failures and business closures. Unemployment rose sharply, and agricultural prices fell, causing hardship for farmers. The depression was exacerbated by deflation and a contraction of the money supply, as the U.S. had recently returned to the gold standard. This economic turmoil had far-reaching effects on American society and politics, contributing to labor unrest and shaping economic debates for years to come.

    Buy Certified 1873 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles at JM Bullion

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