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    Cease Collecting with the Final Release of the Through That Door Series

    One of the more unique collections of silver rounds introduced in recent years was the Through That Door Series. Designed by the Chautauqua Silver Works and struck at the North American Mint, the nine distinctive rounds in this collection were met with a great deal of interest among collectors. With the first eight designs in the Through That Door Series sold out, the arrival of the final issue in the nine-round series is sure to move quickly. Before you buy, learn more about the final design in the collection.

    9th Obverse Design

    In a fitting tribute to the conclusion of the Through That Door Series, the 1 oz Cease Silver Round marks the end of the popular collectible series. On the obverse side of the round, you will find the same design element that has been in the obverse field of all issues in this series. Along the top rim of the design field, a half-moon series of nine doors. Each one of the doors has a small window on it that is numbered one through nine. With each design release, the door corresponding to the number is opened. As such, this design field has door number nine open. Within the design field, you will find a pair of feet facing the field of view with a toe tag on the big toe of the left foot. A candle next to the feet has been snuffed out, both a symbol of death and the end. Inscriptions along the design rocker include “Cease” at the top between two keys, with “No. 9” at the bottom.

    Common Reverse Image

    For each issue in the Through That Door Series, the Chautauqua Silver Works and North American Mint featured the same design on the reverse field. This side of the 1 oz Cease Silver Round features the Chautauqua Silver Works logo. The design mint uses a bullseye as its logo, with the image taking up the entire design field. Inscriptions within the design field start at the very center ring of the bullseye with the Periodic Table of Elements number and symbol for silver. The next ring of the bullseye features the weight, purity, and metal content of the round. The very outer ring has the name of the mint at the top rocker and its motto, “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter,” at the bottom rocker.

    Release Details

    As with other issues in the Through That Door Series, the final round in the collection has the same release details. The silver rounds in this series are individually packaged inside of protective capsules. All rounds have 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and each design has a limited mintage of just 2,500 silver rounds. Most impressively, the rounds have a unique serial number etched on the outer edge of the round. Finally, the rounds all have proof-like visuals that include elements of frosted designs and mirrored fields.

    Series Recap

    Each design in the Through That Door Series attempts to capture the challenge of decision-making through artistic imagery. With each release came a one-of-a-kind design that commented on the challenges of making a decision and the unknown consequences that arise from it. The designs available one through eight in this series include (in order):

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