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    Capture The Allegories in a New Germania Mint Series

    Posted on December 09, 2019

    Germania Mint products are new to the catalog of JM Bullion silver products. While we currently offer several designs from the private mint, two of them in particular are part of a broader series of designs that combine female personifications linked to nations from around the globe. The Allegories silver rounds features various weight options for collectors, limited mintage figures, and fresh designs with each release.

    Britannia & Germania

    The first release in the collection is the Germania Mint The Allegories Britannia and Germania that features the female personifications of Britain and Germany. On the obverse of these silver rounds, Germania extends a hand to the shoulder of a wary Britannia unsure of her relationship with the other nation. The design hints at the back-and-forth relationship Britain and Germany experienced in the 20th century. Britannia is featured with her traditional trident and shield, adopting a position of strength. Germania has her sword in its scabbard as a symbol of her peaceful approach.

    Columbia & Germania

    In the second release, the Germania The Allegories Columbia and Germania design features Germania in an equal place alongside Columbia, the historic female personification of the United States of America. The duo is depicted on the obverse side of the round holding hands. The two walk toward the viewer in this design carrying the flags of their people. Columbia holds the Stars and Stripes while Germania carries a German eagle flag. Columbia was originally a female personification of the broader New World. Europeans assigned Columbia as a personification in a nod to Christopher Columbus and his explorations in North, Central, and South America. Eventually, Columbia became associated with British North America and the 13 Colonies. Following the Revolutionary War, she became directly associated with the newly-formed United States and remained a cultural and propaganda figure in the US until she was replaced by Liberty after World War I.

    Shared Reverse Design

    The reverse side of all silver rounds in The Allegories Series features the heraldic shield of the Germania Mint. This crowned shield is quartered with historic symbols of unity, power, freedom, and might be depicted in the four quadrants. Among the most important is the double-headed eagle in the upper-left quadrant that serves as the symbol of the Germania Mint.

    The Allegories Release Details

    In the Britannia-Germania round release, the Germania Mint offered 1 oz, 2 oz, and 5 oz silver rounds. Each has its own mintage limit and features .9999 pure silver content. The mint also issued nominal values in Mark to each silver round. The rounds are all available with protective capsules and a Certificate of Authenticity from the Germania Mint. The Columbia-Germania release has all the same features of the first design, with the addition of a 10 oz silver round for the first time as well.

    Start Your Allegories Collection with JM Bullion

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