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    Bullion Blowout on NTR and OPM Silver Bars, Rounds

    With silver prices giving up some ground since Thursday, we are launching a bullion blowout on popular NTR and OPM silver products.

    Many of our NTR and OPM silver items also offer flat-rate pricing, meaning that regardless if you buy 1 or 1,000 units of an item, you can access the same bargain premium over spot. These aggressive price rates also are eligible for our normal offer of free shipping over $2,500.

    10 oz NTR & OPM Bars, $0.92 Over Spot Any Qty

    All three of our 10 oz NTR/OPM silver bars offer flat rate pricing of $0.92/oz over spot for any quantity. This aggressive pricing is available on our 10 oz NTR logo bar, our 10 oz NTR Snake bar, and our 10 oz OPM logo bar.

    10 oz NTR Year of the Snake Bar, $0.92/oz Over Spot

    All three of these 10 oz bars ship sealed in plastic in brand new condition, direct from the mint and in stock for immediate dispatch. Offering .999 fine silver and intricate detailing on both the obverse and reverse of each bar, these three products represent our most popular 10 oz silver offerings.

    100 oz NTR & OPM Bars, $0.72 Over Spot Any Qty

    Both our 100 oz NTR and our 100 oz OPM silver bars also offer flat rate pricing of $0.72/oz over spot for any quantity.

    100 oz NTR Silver Bars, $0.72/oz Over Spot Any Qty

    These two bars are our most popular 100 oz silver offerings, and are in stock for immediate shipping. Each product is composed of .999+ fine silver and originates from an American mint.

    1 oz NTR and OPM Rounds, From $0.82/oz Over Spot

    Both our 1 oz NTR Buffalo silver round and our 1 oz OPM logo silver round are also on sale, with rates as low as $0.82/oz over spot for the OPM offering. Each of these products utilize our normal tiered pricing, but offer extremely aggressive rates for popular 1 oz, brand new .999 rounds.

    1 oz NTR Buffalo Rounds, From $0.87/oz Over Spot

    Each of these products ship in brand new condition, and quantities of 20 ship in mint-sealed tubes. To access our best pricing rates, make sure to order 500+ quantity.

    These promotional prices on NTR and OPM silver products won’t last long, so make sure to take advantages of these rates while we can still offer them. To place an order, log on to 24/7/365, or call our trading team at 800-276-6508. Happy investing!

    Disclaimer: All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as financial advice.

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