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Now Introducing… The 2016 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin

JM Bullion is pleased to introduce the brand new 2016 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison coin. Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint as a custom bullion product, JM Bullion is the exclusive distributor of this Bison coin within the United States.

The 2016 Silver Bison follows the inaugural 2015 Bison, which was the first ever 11/4 oz silver bullion coin produced by the RCM. Scroll down to learn more about this new, exclusive coin. Also see the X38 Air-Tite, which fits the Bison coin.

2016 1.25 oz $8 Canadian Silver Bison Coin NGC MS69 ER
As low as : $46.40
Availability: In Stock
2016 1.25 oz $8 Canadian Silver Bison Coin PCGS MS69 FS
As low as : $43.40
Availability: In Stock

The 2015 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin

JM Bullion is pleased to offer limited quantities of remaining 2015 1.25 oz Bison coins. The 2015 Silver Bison was the first coin in the Bison series, and also the first ever 11/4 oz silver bullion coin produced by the RCM.

2015 1.25 oz $8 Canadian Silver Bison Coin NGC MS69 ER
As low as : $46.40
Availability: In Stock
2015 1.25 oz $8 Canadian Silver Bison Coin PCGS MS69 FS
As low as : $46.40
Availability: In Stock

The 2016 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint is known by coin collectors and precious metal investors across the world for quality bullion coins. The RCM is also viewed as a trailblazer in the industry with regard to its innovations in the area of precious metal coin design, metal purity and anti-counterfeit features. The brand new, IRA-eligible, 2016 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin is a prime example of these strengths, featuring a totally unique deign as the second coin in the Canadian Bison series.

Each coin features exquisite artistry, a high silver purity of .9999 and anti-counterfeit radial lines similar to the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin. The Bison also has a legal tender face value in Canada of $8 CAD. JM Bullion, being the exclusive distributor of these coins in the U.S.A. is proud to offer the 2016 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin to investors in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Silver Bison Coin Design

On the reverse of the coin is a totally unique design which features a Bison at the center. The animal is depicted standing in a pool of water with a small mountain range off in the distance. On the animal itself, great attention has been paid to the design and by viewing the coin, you will notice every fine detail from the animal’s fur to its tail.

Featured above the bison is a stamp for the coin’s purity which is 9999. Around the scene, inscriptions for the country and minting year are stamped as “CANADA 2016.” Circling around the bottom portion of the coin are inscriptions for the metal type and the weight. This information is stamped as “FINE SILVER 1 1/4 OZ ARGENT PUR.” This information serves as a border to the central design and, like the obverse, is complimented by repeating radial lines.

Each of the 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coins feature the famous artwork of Susana Blunt on their obverse side. In Blunt’s portrait, Queen Elizabeth II is featured in profile. She is complimented by an array of radial lines which protrude outwards to the rim of the coin. To the left of the queen’s portrait is her name which is stamped as “Elizabeth II.” The coin’s face value is inscribed below her as “8 Dollars.” Imprinted on the queen’s right shoulder are the initials “SB” to denote the artist Susanna Blunt.

While the Bison coin has the same diameter as a normal Silver Maple Leaf, the thickness is increased 25% to satisfy the 11/4 troy ounce weight. This gives the coin a chunky, heavy feel, similar to the 1.5 oz bullion coins the Royal Canadian Mint has produced in the past.

Anti-Counterfeit Features and Mint Packaging

As we only acquire these coins directly from the Royal Canadian Mint, you can rest assured knowing that the products you purchase are 100% authentic and pure. On top of this, each coin features advanced anti-counterfeit radial lines, engineered to tolerances measured in microns, which help add an extra layer of security to owning these coins. First featured on the 2014 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, these radial lines mean that the coins are nearly impossible to fake, and make the Bison one of the most secure government-issued silver coins available on the market.

The 2016 11/4 oz Canadian $8 Bison Silver Coins are available in their mint-sealed packaging which includes monster boxes and tubes. As always, smaller orders for individual coins are welcomed as well. When ordering these coins in increments of 20 pieces, they will ship directly from JM Bullion in mint-sealed tubes (25 total troy ounces). The Bison tubes feature a new brown tube top and black seal:

Orders for 400 coins will ship in mint-sealed monster boxes containing 20 tubes of 20 coins (500 total troy ounces). The Bison monster boxes are brown as well, and feature a new marketing label attached to the top of the mint box:

Lesser quantities will be shipped out in either a protective coin flip or a tube with packing peanuts/bubble wrap to secure the coins.

Bison Availability

As with all purchases placed through our website, the Silver Bison Coin will be shipped securely in discrete packaging. At JM Bullion, we take the utmost care when packaging your precious metals. All of our packages are fully insured and include tracking to help protect your investment from the unlikely event of loss or damage. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing your metals are safe at every step of the transaction.

Should you have any questions regarding our exclusive 2016 11/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coins, feel free to call us at 800-276-6508. Additional support is provided online via our live chat feature or by email. As always, all orders placed through JM Bullion are shipped completely free of charge to our customers.