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    When it comes to investing in precious metals, many buyers increasingly turn to silver for a variety of reasons. Although gold remains the “gold standard” of precious metals investing, silver is prized for its more affordable price per ounce, impressive diversity, and the purity of the products available. Whether its silver coins and silver rounds you prefer or silver bars, the variety of options awaiting when you buy silver is astonishing. Despite the numerous options available to silver buyers, there are a handful of silver products out there which retain their popularity year after year. The following items are routinely among the best-selling silver pieces available from JM Bullion every year.

    Best-Selling Silver Bullion Coins

    Like their gold counterparts, silver bullion coins are popular among investors and collectors alike. The vast majority of silver coins are produced with .999 pure silver content, while a handful offer impressive .9999 pure silver. Bullion coinage is prized for the remarkable designs available and the government-backed purity and weight of the coins. With lower prices compared to gold bullion coins, silver coinage is often a great option for those looking to invest in precious metals. The following are some of the best-selling silver coins available:

    • American Silver Eagle: The world’s most popular silver coin for sale, the American Silver Eagle is the official bullion coin of the United States. Available in bullion, proof, and burnished options, it features Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design on the obverse and the heraldic eagle of the United States on the reverse.
    • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: Introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988, the Silver Maple Leaf was the world’s first-ever .9999 pure silver bullion coin when it debuted. The Silver Maple Leaf has Canada’s iconic sugar maple leaf on one side and the ruling monarch of Great Britain on the other.
    • Perth Mint Silver Coins: As with its gold coinage, Perth Mint Silver Coins are available in a wide array of options which are all popular with investors and collectors. The Silver Kookaburra has been available since 1990 with a new design in every year. The Silver Koala joined the series in 2007 and the Silver Kangaroo was Perth’s first-ever .9999 silver bullion coin. Of course, the Silver Lunar Series II coins are also immensely popular.
    • Mexican Silver Libertad: The official silver bullion coin of Mexico is unique among its peers in that it boasts extremely low mintage figures for an annual-release coin. Available in bullion and proof, the Libertad features Winged Victory on the obverse and Mexico’s coat of arms on the reverse.
    • Chinese Silver Panda: The Silver Panda was the first major silver bullion coin series in the world to use a new design on the reverse each year. Available since 1983 as a proof coin and regularly as a bullion coin since 1989, the Silver Panda bears a new image of the Panda each year and includes the Temple of Heaven design on the opposite face.
    • Somalian Silver Elephant: No coin has seen steadier growth in popularity and availability than the Somalian Silver Elephant. What originated in 1999 as the Zambian Elephant in just 1 oz silver has today become the Somalian Silver Elephant with options ranging from 1 oz up to 1 Kilogram, as well as several fractional weights. The Silver Elephant is yet another example of a coin collection with new obverse designs every year.
    • Austrian Silver Philharmonic: Finally, there is the Austrian Silver Philharmonic. Introduced only recently in 2008, it quickly became the best-selling coin in Europe and is increasingly popular among investors in North America as well. Coined by the Austrian Mint, it reflects the cultural pride Austrians have in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Best-Selling Silver Rounds

    For those investors and collectors who either cannot get their hands on silver bullion coinage due to mintage caps or prefer not to pay the premiums over the spot price of silver that come with government-backed coinage, there is another option. Silver rounds are an ideal alternative because they offer the same format as coinage with stunning designs struck onto silver blanks that have .999 pure silver content. The silver isn’t government-backed, but most silver rounds are produced by highly reputable refineries and come with lower premiums and higher mintage figures, making them both readily available and more affordable. The following are just a few examples of popular silver rounds:

    • Silverbug Silver Rounds: Without question, the Silverbug-themed silver rounds available since 2014 are among the best-selling silver rounds on the market. The collection debuted with the Silverbug Fairy rounds in 2014 and grew to include a Finding Silverbug Island series that features numerous designs. All designs in the series reflect the love of silver among the Reddit group known as the Silverbugs.
    • Hobo Nickel Silver Rounds: The Hobo Nickel Silver Rounds debuted in 2016 with 1 oz and 5 oz options. The theme of the collection is based upon the hobo artwork carved onto circulation US nickels during the early 20th
    • Amy Brown Collection Silver Rounds: A JM Bullion exclusive, the silver rounds of the Amy Brown Collection showcase the works of well-known fairy artist Amy Brown. Each of the six issues in this collection includes 1 oz and 5 oz options in proof, antique, and colorized finishes that offer something for every silver buyer.
    • Bitcoin Silver Rounds: The most talked-about cryptocurrency in the world is Bitcoin. Though you cannot hold this virtual currency in your hand, Anonymous Mint has taken the lead in designing beautiful silver rounds that offer a “physical artifact for the real world.”
    • JM Bullion Silver Rounds: We’re proud to have one of our own products among the ranks of best-selling silver. The JM Bullion 1 oz Silver Round debuted in late 2016 and has more recently given rise to a 2 oz silver round as well due to its popularity. Both rounds feature a reverse-proof like finish, with the JM Bullion logo on one face and the American bald eagle on the other.

    Best-Selling Silver Bars

    If silver coins and rounds aren’t your preferred method of investment, you might want to consider the wide array of silver bars for sale online. Among our best-selling silver bars, you’ll find minted ingots and cast bars. Those who buy bars instead of coins prefer them for the lower premiums over the price of silver and the peace of mind that comes with Assay cards which verify the silver weight and content from the refinery. Silver bars range in weight from 1 Gram to as much as 5 Kilograms or 100 Troy oz. The following examples are the tip of the iceberg in a diverse market of silver bars:

    • SilverTowne Prospector: From the SilverTowne refinery in Winchester, Indiana, the SilverTowne Prospector bar is popular for its continued use of the company logo on a .999 fine silver bar. The lonely prospector leads his donkey onward in hopes of striking it rich at his next prospecting site in the design of these bars.
    • Asahi Silver Bars: Asahi, a Japanese firm with more than 50 years of experience in precious metals, took over Johnson Matthey assets in North America and began refining its own silver bars in early 2017. The bars feature .999 pure silver and individual serial numbers.
    • Perth Mint Silver Bars: The silver bars from the Perth Mint are unique in that they are a rare example of .9999 pure silver content in a bar. Each one features the Swan logo of Perth Mint with a repeating design of a hopping kangaroo on the reverse.
    • Geiger Silver Bars: Geiger Edelmetalle of Germany offers countless silver bar designs, most of which feature the easily identifiable headquarters of the company at Schloss Guldengossa. Among its most popular products is the new Geiger Original Series, a collection of silver bars ranging from 1 Gram to 5,000 Grams (5 Kilograms) that has advanced security features in the design of the bar along with that famed Schloss Guldengossa design.
    • Geiger Silver Squares: Geiger Edelmetalle’s latest silver bullion product is an exciting and diverse collection of bars that have the investment-grade quality of silver bars and the attention to detail commonly found on silver bullion coins. The Gieger Silver Squares feature Schloss Guldengossa on the obverse with a pearl finish on the surface. There is a ribbed edge to each one that is more customary on bullion coins. The reverse surface is a textured field with high-relief designs of the LEV rhombus of Geiger Edelmetalle. Each bar has its own unique serial number printed on the surface, a UV coating of the manufacturer logo visible only under black light, and the bars are housed either in individually sealed certificates, tubes, or wooden boxes. Weights in the silver range from 1 Gram up to 5000 Grams.
    • PAMP Fortuna Bars: The well-known Fortuna collection includes a variety of weights in silver. These bars are internationally recognized as a symbol of the quality available from PAMP Suisse.
    • PAMP Lunar Series Bars: A rarity among silver bars, the PAMP Lunar Series offers designs available for just one year with changing imagery to reflect the animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

    In addition to the silver bars mentioned above, many of which are minted ingots, you’ll find an increasing number of hand-poured silver bars among the best sellers as well. Examples include the works of Monarch Precious Metals in the state of Oregon. Its hand-poured bars offer a unique option as every bar is slightly different than the next, even among those in the same series, because of the hand-poured and hand-stamped techniques employed by the refinery.

    Buy Best-Selling Silver Products from JM Bullion

    The top silver products each year command attention from investors and collectors. They are great additions to investment portfolios or personal collections, and because of their popularity, they are easy to resell in the event you need access to liquid funds. You can’t go wrong with these best-selling silver products. If you have questions about our best-selling silver products, please don’t hesitate to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available to help you with your questions on the phone at 800-276-6508, on the web using our live chat, and via our email address.