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    Are Colorized and Gilded Silver Coins Right for You?

    colorizedeagles1For the seasoned numismatist, silver and gold coins are prized for their initial condition and beauty the moment they leave the mint. The true value of these coins as an investment tool are based upon the visual beauty, but also the basic condition of the coin once it is struck. Increasingly, colorized and gilded coins are gaining popularity among both precious metal authorized dealers, and collectors, as well.

    The question facing many coin lovers looking to buy silver is; are these colorized coins right for me? Let’s take a look at these interesting coins, how they’re made, who makes them, and what value they offer to investors and collectors alike.

    What are Colorized and Gilded Coins?

    In most cases, the colorized and gilded coins you see available from authorized dealers come from popular mint programs. These coins are commercially altered after production at the mint, for the most part, and often sold at higher premiums. What’s the process of creating each type of coin?

    • Colorized coins have been painted with an enamel finish, or a holographic effect, that brings brilliant, real-life colors to already popular coins. For example, the American Silver Eagle is a popular colorized product that brings the red, white, and blue to the American flag over Liberty’s shoulders, a yellow-orange hue to the sun, and various other colorized aspects of the design field.
    • Gilded, or layered, coins typically contain a very thin layer of gold coating on certain design features of the coin. Sometimes it is added only to the obverse design, while other examples have the gilded finish on both sides. For example, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin often features a gilded finish on the obverse design as well as one or two of the instruments from the reverse.

    Who Produces Colorized and Gilded Coins?

    Emporium Hamburg is one of the major producers of colorized and gilded coins. The German company is an authorized third-party precious metals dealer that takes standard issue bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and the Somalian Silver Elephant, and applies these colorized or gilded finishes to the coin for sale.

    The United States Mint has many of its most popular coins, including the American Silver Eagle and the America the Beautiful Series, on the market with colorized and gilded finishes. However, like most sovereign mints, the US Mint does not colorize or apply gilded finishes to any of its products at any one of its facilities. To date, the Royal Canadian Mint is the only major sovereign mint that colorizes its own products on a regular basis. Examples of other major mints that do colorize, but are not sovereign, include the Perth Mint of Australia and the New Zealand Mint in Auckland.

    What’s the Value of these Coins?

    If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is the precious metal value of colorized and gilded coins. Numismatists are often interested in coins such as the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf because of the purity of the silver and the condition of the coin itself. Those which have earned the highest certifications for quality from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or Professional Coin Grading Service have even greater value as an investment option.

    For a purest collector or numismatist, the addition of colorized finishes to a silver coin is similar to buying a brand-new car and immediately having it painted a different color. As for gilded coins, the amount of gold applied to the finish adds no real extra value to the coin’s precious metal content. Even though it is often 24-karat gold, the amount is so miniscule it doesn’t bring that added value.

    However, coin collecting is an individual pursuit. If you enjoy having a diverse silver coin collection, colorized and gilded coins provide a new outlet for your interests. Additionally, they make great gifts and novelty items that offer a new twist on traditionally popular coins.

    Examples in the JM Bullion Catalog

    As you thumb through the online catalog of JM Bullion silver coins, you’ll find some of the most coveted coins in the world with colorized or gilded finishes. Examples include:

    • American Silver Eagle: The official silver bullion coin of the United States is available with colorized finishes to Walking Liberty, as well as gilded options on Walking Liberty and the Heraldic Eagle of the United States.
    • Somalian Silver Elephant: One of the most diverse options, the latest Silver Elephants are available in gilded finishes, as well as Day-and-Night Two-Coin Sets with beautiful colorization that changes the motif of the coin from a daytime setting on one coin to nighttime on the other.
    • Chinese Silver Panda: The Chinese Mint’s major coin program, this official bullion specimen is available with colorized finishes on the Panda’s obverse, as well as a gilded gold option.

    Browse Our Collection Today

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