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    Add the Creatures of the MonsterVerse to Your Coin Collection

    Posted on July 25, 2022

    There are few creatures more popular across the last century of film than King Kong and Godzilla. The monstrous ape and the beast from the deep have long existed in different cinematic universes, but Legendary Pictures recently brought the two infamous beasts together in a single feature film. Part of the MonsterVerse, the 2021 release of Godzilla vs. Kong set box-office records during the pandemic, and bullion coins inspired by the film are now available to collectors through a Godzilla vs. Kong Series.

    Common Obverse Design

    Regardless of the gold or silver coin you purchase in the Godzilla vs. Kong bullion series from Niue, you will find a common obverse design. Here, the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is replaced by the Public Seal of Niue. This emblem is found on the bottom of the obverse design field on all coins. In the background, you will see the large silhouettes of King Kong and Godzilla facing off in battle.

    Various Reverse Visuals

    The Godzilla vs. Kong Series offers not one, but six different reverse designs across the silver BU, gold BU, proof silver, and colorized silver releases in the collection. The silver BU, gold BU, and proof silver coins share two possible designs. The Godzilla Coin features a left-profile portrait of Godzilla’s full-length figure with its name engraved along the bottom portion of the design field. The Kong Coin features a slight-right-profile effigy of King Kong with its name, as simply KONG, engraved along the left portion of the design field.

    In the colorized silver range, there are four different designs available on the reverse fields. Each of these offers a colorized image of the figure set against a colorized field. The available designs include:

    • Godzilla
    • Kong
    • Mechagodzilla
    • Faceoff – this unique option features a singular head made of the combination of Kong’s head on the right and Godzilla’s head on the left.

    Options in the Godzilla vs. Kong Bullion Series

    As alluded to above, the Godzilla vs. Kong bullion series has both BU options, proof options, and colorized options, with a grand total of 10 individual coins available. In total, you will find the following coins available in the series:

    The packaging of the coins in this series varies by product. The silver BU coins are available individually in flips or in tubes of 20 coins. The gold BU and proof silver coins are individually packaged in gift tins with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each of the four colorized silver options comes with tamper-evident cards.

    Background on King Kong and Godzilla

    Legendary Entertainment is behind the MonsterVerse, a multimedia series with depictions of fictional monsters such as Godzilla and King Kong, among others. Although the MonsterVerse features other animals, these two particular beasts are the most legendary in feature films and other multimedia. The inclusion of Godzilla and King Kong in the fourth film of the Legendary MonsterVerse marks the 36th film in the broader Godzilla franchise and the 12th in the broader King Kong franchise.

    Start Your MonsterVerse Collection with these Niue Coins from JM Bullion

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