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    Large Currency Protective Sleeve

    Collectors and investors alike value the condition of bullion and commemorative pieces bought online. When buying commemorative bullion coins or even historic banknotes, it is not always guaranteed that a long-lasting protective package is available with the piece. For those with historic banknotes in their collection, currency sleeves are an ideal option for housing the pieces. Right now, Large Currency Protective Sleeves are available to purcha... Read More

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    50.8x29.4 mm Air-Tite Bar Capsule

    Gold and silver coins aren’t the only items you might want to securely protect for decades to come. Silver bars come with their own impressive variety of designs that include collectible Fortuna and the Lunar design themes. Right now, 50.8 x 29.4 MM Air-Tite Bar Capsules are available to purchase online from JM Bullion. Highlights: Arrives in a shipping sleeve! Made from acrylic! Ideal for use with most 1 oz silver bars. 50.8 x... Read More

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    61.4 x 36.3 mm Air-Tite Bar Capsule

    As you buy silver bars online, you are likely to find that the average packaging for silver bars is a plastic sleeve or flip. If you would like to have more secure packaging for your silver bars that provides better long-term protection, you should consider Air-Tite bar capsules. Today, 61.4 x 36.3 MM Air-Tite Bar Capsules are available to you from JM Bullion. Product Highlights: Available to you inside standard shipping envelopes or boxe... Read More

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    1 oz CoinSafe Silver Bar Tube

    One of the most popular precious metal products in the world today is the 1 oz silver bar. Available in a variety of designs and finishes from mints and refineries located in all corners of the globe, silver bars are an excellent investment vehicle. Why spend thousands to invest in silver bars, if you’re going to spend money to protect their condition? JM Bullion carries a variety of protective CoinSafe products to keep your silver bullion safe... Read More

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    JM Logo Velvet Bag

    Whether you use it for storing individual coins in plastic capsules or mint tubes of 10 or more coins, the JM Bullion-logo velvet bag is a great way to keep your precious metals safe from damage and housed in style. The JM Bullion-logo Velvet Bag is available now for individual purchase from JM Bullion. This black velvet bag has the simple “JM” initials from the JM Bullion name written in big initials, with the word “Bullion” below the... Read More

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    90.4x52.39 mm CoinSafe Stacker Bar Capsule

    Investing in gold and silver bullion is not worth the money if you don’t ensure your items are protected. While some mints and refineries offer protective packaging for items, others do not. If you want your products to stand the test of time, protect them with Coin Safe Bar Capsules. Now, 90.4 x 52,39 MM Coin Safe Bar Capsules are available to you for purchase online from JM Bullion. Highlights: Products arrive in a shipping sleeve! ... Read More

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    89.9 x 52 mm Air-Tite Bar Capsule

    When you buy silver bars online, you will find that many of the original vendors ship individual bars inside of plastic sleeves or flips. For better long-term protection of your investment, you might want to consider purchasing Air-Tite brand bar capsules. These sturdy capsules offer greater protection from slips, drops, and collisions with other products when bars are being transported or handled. Right now, 89.9 x 52 MM Air-Tite Bar Capsules ar... Read More

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    159.1564 x 69.85 mm Bar Capsule

    Most bullion bars ship from mints with boxes of multiples that are often broken out and sold individually, in addition to being sold in bulk. When this happens, most bars are housed inside of protective sleeves or bags depending on the size. To better protect your investment in silver bullion bars, you might want to consider a bar capsule. Right now, 159.1564 x 69.85 MM Bar Capsules are available to purchase online from JM Bullion. Capsule Hig... Read More

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    Sunshine Minting Decoder Lens

    Sunshine Minting, located in Idaho, USA is one of the most well known mints in North America. Well known for their advanced security features and high quality products, their proprietary Decoder Lens allows Sunshine bullion investors to verify the authenticity of their purchased products. Product Highlights: Hold the Decoder Lens over any MintMark SI equipped Sunshine products to instantly verify authenticity. Provides peace of mind th... Read More

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    White Cotton Gloves (Medium Pair)

    When buying silver and gold coins, you’ll find that most of these products are housed in some sort of protective packaging. Coins are often housed in flips, capsules, tubes, or Monster Boxes, while other products are inside of sealed sheets or plastic sleeves. Should you decide to remove your coins or other precious metals from their original packaging to showcase them to others, make sure you’re prepared with the right products to do so. JM ... Read More

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    Purchasing Gold and Silver Bar Accessories

    Most individuals who invest in silver and gold bars simply purchase bullion products for their precious metal content and wait to sell them in the future, hopefully for a profit. While many producers cast or pour bars with no design, an increasing number of mints and refiners strike gold and silver bars with brilliant designs. Led by facilities such as PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, and private US facilities like SilverTowne and Great American Mint, bullion bars with intricate designs are changing the way investors and collectors think about bar storage and display.

    Bar Supplies from JM Bullion

    In the precious metals industry, value is all about condition. While the purity and content of your gold or silver bar determines its initial value, there is added value for products that are in perfect condition, lacking any contact marks, abrasions, scratches, hairlines, or other detracting flaws. Additionally, the finish of some bullion bars are enhanced with features such as matte finishes and deeply-mirrored, clear background fields.

    Even the simplest handling of these bars, with bare hands, can result in damage to the condition (and value) of your silver and gold. Oils from human skin can, at best, leave smudges on the surface of your products that are difficult to remove without harsh cleaners that can ruin the value and appearance of your bars. In a worst case scenario, this oil can, over time, wear down the matte or mirrored finish, diminishing the value of your products severely.

    Bar tubes are available for purchase today from JM Bullion that help to protect your bars from these harmful effects of handling and contact with oils from human skin, or even drops and scuffs. Each individual tube is capable of holding a 1 oz gold or silver bar, and protects it from oil, scratches, scuffs, and other damage, in a crystal-clear casing that allows you to still enjoy the visual brilliance of the bar itself.

    Why Bar Tubes are Important

    Oils from human skin and general contact between your bars and other objects aren’t the only factors that can lead to a deterioration in the value of your bars. Storing your bars in plastic sleeves while on display or leaving them in your safe, never to be viewed, might protect them from the harms of physical contact, but it doesn’t protect them from the damage caused by the local environment.

    Air-tight bar tubes made from acrylic are ideal for storing your silver and gold bars for a good reason. The PVC or plastic used in the production of other tubes and bags can release acidic gases over time that corrode the metals, and eventually degrade the value of your bars. Any tube that is not air tight in nature does not prevent humidity from seeping in and can potentially trap moisture inside, slowly tarnishing and corroding precious metals.

    If you have any questions about the bar supplies available from JM Bullion, please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact one of our associates at 800-276-6508. We’re also available online using our live chat feature and email.