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    A New Depiction of the Archangel Michael Features on Silver Bars

    Posted on September 27, 2021

    The Archangel Michael has been featured on silver bullion since 2011 when the National Bank of Ukraine introduced the Archangel Michael bullion coin series. The Scottsdale Mint has recently introduced a new form of silver bullion with its own depiction of the famed archangel from the holy books of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. JM Bullion is proud to offer this new silver bar for sale to our collectors and investors.

    Unique Obverse

    On the obverse side of 1 oz Archangel Michael Silver Bars, you will find a new vision of the historic angel. In this powerful design, Michael is struck in a powerful pose as he vanquishes a serpent representative of evil in the world. Michael glances off toward the distance as he drives his sword into the throat of the evil serpent at the base of the design field. He has powerful wings at his back and holds a large, triangular shield. Showcasing the power of his God, Michael has the Christian cross emblazoned upon his shield.

    Scottsdale Reverse

    The reverse field of Archangel Michael Silver Bars from the Scottsdale Mint features a variety of identifying hallmarks. Along the right side of the bar, you will notice half of the head of the Scottsdale Lion. This crowned lion is the official logo of the mint. At the top of the design field are the identifying hallmarks of the bar, while the left field of the bar has the name of the mint engraved vertically from the bottom to the top of the left side.

    Release Details

    The new Scottsdale Mint 1 oz Archangel Michael Silver Bar is available to you in the form of a minted ingot. The bars boast refined edges with flat surfaces and beautifully struck, 3D engravings. Individual purchases of these bars come with sealed capsules. Multiples are available to purchase in sealed boards of five bars or boxes of 250 bars.

    History of the Archangel Michael

    The Archangel Michael is one of the few religious figures to appear in the books of all three major world religions. Though he is perhaps most prominent in the Christian and Hebrew bibles, he is also mentioned briefly in the holy book of Islam. In the most prominent story involving Michael, he is referenced as the leader of God’s armies. When Satan leads a revolt and some of the angels of Heaven join his cause to overthrow God, it is Michael who steps forward to lead God’s forces against the evil of Satan and his followers.

    The iconic imagery of Michael slaying a dragon or serpent is derived from this story of good versus evil in the Bible. When Michael slays the dragon or serpent, it is symbolic of the victory of good over evil as Michael represents the forces of God and the serpent is a representation of Satan.

    Invest in Archangel Michael Silver at JM Bullion

    The Scottsdale Mint is one of America’s leading private mints. Its bullion coins and bars are recognized as a symbol of quality around the world. If you want to invest in new forms of silver, Scottsdale Mint has you covered with the new Archangel Michael Silver Bar. If you have any questions, please contact JM Bullion at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries. Remember that you can follow JM Bullion on Facebook and read our weekly blogs for more information regarding new and upcoming releases.

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