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    2014 ATB Great Smoky Mountain Silver Coin Presale

    The brand new 2014 5 oz ATB Great Smoky Mountain Silver Coin from the US Mint’s America The Beautiful series is now available on presale, and will begin shipping on March 25th.

    Since the ATB coin series was first introduced in 2010, it has proven to be wildly popular amongst coin collectors and silver investors alike. The series is set to cover over 56 total national parks across each of the 50 states, Washington D.C. and the 5 US territories. The 5 oz Great Smoky Mountain Silver Coin is the first addition to the series this year and only a limited quantity of these coins are set to be minted.


    The design featured on the obverse of the Great Smoky Mountain coin is the same as previous issues of the ATB coins. At the center is a profile of George Washington with the words “United States of America” circling along the top. The bottom of the coin is stamped with its face value of a “Quarter Dollar.” The reverse of each coin features the image of a historic log cabin with a magnificent view of the Smoky Mountains in the background. Circling above the cabin is a hawk. Each coin is also stamped along its edge with the weight (5 oz) and silver purity (.999) which is fully backed by the US Mint.


    We are also offering other ATB coins from previous years which include the 2013 5 oz Fort Mchenry Silver Coin and the 2011 5 oz Glacier Silver Coin. The 2013 Fort Mchnery coin features a design depicting the infamous fort during its “Defenders Day” celebration. To the top of the fort is a set of fireworks exploding in mid air which helps represent Francis Scott Keys inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner. The US flag is also shown fully raised above the fort while waving freely in the wind.


    The 2011 5 oz Glacier Silver coin is another popular piece we have added to our product offering. Depicting Glacier National Park in Montana, the reverse of the coin features an interesting scene. In the foreground of the image is a mountain goat climbing over the rocky terrain with the majestic slopes of Mount Reynolds in the background.

    Be sure to check out these brand new addition to our ATB coin selection and enjoy free shipping on every order! If you would like to learn more about the 2014 5 oz Great Smoky Mountain Silver Coin or any of our other products, please give us a call at 800-276-6508 or use our contact page to reach us via live chat or email.

    Good luck investing, and we look forward to servicing all of your precious metals needs.

    JM Bullion

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