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100 oz Silver Bars

Hundred ounce silver bars are the largest commonly traded form of pure bullion. A step above 10 oz bars, 100 oz size silver bars offer buyers the opportunity to obtain pure silver at a very low premium over spot. There are multiple brands and types of 100 troy ounce bars available, all of which are of equal weight and purity.

  1. Varied, Any Mint – This product listing offers varied condition 100 troy oz .999 fine silver bars, from a mint of our choice. The bars may be older and have aesthetic flaws, but will always contain 100 troy oz of silver, .999 fine. We also select the mint, so you are not guaranteed to receive any specific brand of bars.
  2. New, Any Mint – This product listing offers brand-new 100 troy oz .999 fine silver bars, but from a mint of our choice. You may receive an NTR bar, you may receive a SilverTowne bar, you may receive an RCM bar, or you may receive a bar from an entirely different mint.
  3. Specific Mint Products – These product listings guarantee that you will receive a 100 oz silver bar from a mint of your choice. By purchasing an Engelhard, NTR, Johnson Matthey, or RCM bar, you can be absolutely certain of which brand of bar you will receive. Please note that unless a product is indicated as “New”, it is assumed to be lightly circulated.

When deciding which 100 oz silver bar is right for you, you should take pricing into consideration. In the list above, the first product is cheapest, the second product is in the middle, and the third products are the most expensive.

If you are simply trying to accumulate as much silver as possible for as cheaply as possible, the varied condition, any mint 100 oz bars are your best bet as they have the lowest premium over spot price. If you would prefer a new bar, but don’t care about the brand, the new, any mint bar would be best for you, as it is cheaper than the brand-specific bars, while still offering a brand new product. And finally, if you prefer a specific brand of bars, make your choice and be assured of the specific brand.