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10 oz Silver Bars

We are proud to offer several types and brands of 10 oz. silver bars: brand-specific products, and brand-varies products. Brand-specific products include items like our 10 oz Sunshine silver bars, which are produced by Sunshine Minting. Brand-varies products refers to our “10 oz Silver Bar – New, Any Mint” product listing.

The difference between these two types of products is that the first guarantees you receive a specific brand/type of 10 oz silver bar, while the second guarantees that you will receive a .999 fine, 10 troy oz silver bar, but from a brand of our choice.

Investors who are only interested in accumulating as much physical silver as possible for as cheaply as possible should focus on our brand-varies products, as those provide a discount over our brand-specific product listings, while still offering brand-new, pristine silver bars. Investors who have a certain brand preference or are collecting various brands of 10 oz bars should order brand-specific products to ensure they receive the exact brand and type of bar that they desire.

Value of 10 oz Silver Bars

As far as resale value goes, all of our 10 oz silver bars will sell based on the spot price of silver and the buyer’s discount. None of our brands of bars are any purer or heavier than any other brand, so they all contain the same exact amount and purity of silver – the only difference is the name of the mint on the bar.

Ten ounce silver bars are the form of silver that investors flock to most. They are sizable and manageable all at the same time. You do not need an exorbitant budget to buy these larger size bars either. Ten ounces is on the borderline of moderate and large, making it an easy choice for those buyers looking to order in bulk while still having the ease associated with selling and trading down the line. Ten ounce bars are not as physically large as they might seem, making them easy to store in your home, safe deposit box, or just about anywhere else. Many think that these bars are very large and would be difficult to handle, but this really isn’t the case at all.


Perhaps the most beneficial element of buying 10 oz bars over 1 oz or 5 oz types is found in the discounts that you will be able to earn. Now, the discounts are not going to be very large if you are looking at them on an ounce by ounce basis, but they are most definitely going to add up over time. If you are saving even 20 cents per oz, a 100 ounce order has already put $20 in your pocket. In the world of silver, these types of savings are really going to add up in the long run.


Ten ounce bars are one of the most common sizes and forms of silver on the market. Because they appeal to such a wide diversity of buyers, they are always being produced and made available for sale in mass quantities. If you are beginning to purchase these types of bars, you can be assured that your portfolio will be easily expanded upon down the line. Bars of this size are made by just about every mint out there and you can be sure that any dealer or company will be quite interested in ten ounce bars that anyone has to sell.


For the serious investor on a smaller budget or the experienced investor on a large budget, the 10 oz bar is going to remain practical and viable. It serves multiple purposes in that it can be sold without putting a sizable dent in your overall holdings while it is also large enough that it has a sound amount of value. One ounce and ten ounce bars, though a decent sized difference between them, remain the most popular types of silver bars being bought and sold.