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Canadian Coins Available from JM Bullion

Some of the most beautiful coins in the world today are struck by the Royal Canadian Mint. One of the world’s leading mints, RCM is well known not only for its popular annual release programs and beautiful coinage designs, but also for the impressive .9999 purity used in the vast majority of its bullion and proof coin programs. Today, the royal Canadian Mint strikes more than 1 billion coins annually. In addition to its popular Canadian Maple Leaf series of gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins, the mint also strikes currency for as many as a dozen other countries.

Canadian Maple Leaf Series

The official bullion coin series of the Royal Canadian Mint and the Canadian nation, the Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the world’s most popular coin programs. Introduced for the first time in 1979 as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, these were the first coins in the world to rival the South African Krugerrand in terms of gold bullion demand. No other gold coin, aside from the Krugerrand, had ever been offered strictly for investment purposes.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins debuted with .999 pure gold content, but were enhanced beginning in November 1982 to include .9999 pure gold. At times, the Royal Canadian Mint has even achieved .99999 pure gold content in its Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. The obverse of all Canadian Maple Leafs, whether struck in silver, gold, platinum or palladium feature the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. On the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, three different incarnations of Her Majesty’s profile have appeared.

The reverse of all Canadian Maple Leaf coins features the image of the sugar maple leaf. Used on the reverse since the introduction of the gold version in 1979, this image has never changed. The only additions have been security measures, notably radial lines and a microscopic maple leaf privy.

Each Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is available in 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, 1/20 oz, and now 1 Gram. The coins have face values according to their fractional weight, based upon the $50 (CAD) value of the 1 oz coin.

The Royal Canadian Mint also produces a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin with a face value of $5 (CAD). Available only in 1 oz weights, this coin features .9999 pure silver, and debuted in 1988. Also launched in 1988 was the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf. Featuring .9995 pure platinum, it was available until 2002 in five different denominations, suspended until 2009, and reintroduced in the 1 oz weight only. Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coins were introduced for the first time in 2005, but only produced for three years (2005-2007). The coins returned to the market in 2009 as demand for precious metal products increased.

Canadian Silver Bison Coins

With each new release year of these silver bullion coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, JM Bullion is the exclusive launch partner. The Canadian Silver Bison coin was first issued in 2015, and the coins became the first-ever 1.25 Troy oz coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. Each one has .9999 pure silver content and a face value of $8 (CAD) backed by the Canadian government. The Royal Canadian Mint will produce a new image on the reverse face of these coins each. Features of the available design on these coins to date include:

  • All Issue Obverse: As is customary, the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from Susanna Blunt is featured on the obverse. Her Majesty’s effigy is included alongside engravings that read “Elizabeth II” and the face value of the coin as “8 Dollars.”
  • 2015 Reverse: The reverse design features the North American bison as it runs across the open plains of Canada, with rolling hills visible in the distant background.
  • 2016 Reverse: On the reverse for 2016 is the image of a bison standing at the water’s edge, its head lowered to drink from the stream. In the background, a jagged rockface rises to meet the horizon.
  • 2017 Reverse: The 2017 Canadian Silver Bison Coin is the image of the wood bison, which is more numerous throughout Canada than the American plains bison. The bison is captured on the open plains of Canada in left-profile relief, with its massive figure dominating the coin’s design field. You’ll notice grasslands under its feet and clouds rolling across the sky above.
  • New Security features: The micro-laser engraved radial lines and maple leaf added to the Maple Leaf bullion program in 2014 is now available on the 2016 Canadian Silver Bison coin. This includes radial lines visible on both sides, and a maple leaf privy on the reverse that bears in the year of issue, visible only under intense magnification.

Canadian Silver Bison coins are available from JM Bullion in individual flips, sealed tubes containing 20 coins, or Monster Boxes containing a total of 400 coins. Many are available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Call of the Wild Gold Coins

Call of the Wild is a new gold bullion series from the Royal Canadian Mint that breaks new ground, delivering the first 99.999% gold coin into regular production. With a face value of $200 (CAD), these coins have the highest face value of any legal tender gold bullion coin currently available in the market. Each coin in the series has featured one of Canada’s most fearsome predators in a pose that demonstrates the vocal prowess of the animal. All of the designs in the series come from Pierre Leduc, who has created numerous coin designs for the Royal Canadian Mint’s numerous wildlife-themed collections.

The releases in this collection include the following, listed in order of release from first to most recent:

  • Howling Wolf: Features the image of a wolf on the reverse side of the coin, with its haunting howl unleashed into the wilderness as a warning to all predators and prey alike in the area that the pack is on the prowl.
  • Roaring Cougar: This depiction of a cougar offers a highly detailed right-profile image of the wild cat, with long whickers, short ears, and dense fur all visible in the design. In keeping with the “Call of the Wild” theme, the cougar is shown with its mouth agape as it lets out a loud growl.
  • Roaring Grizzly: In the case of the Roaring Grizzly coin, Canada’s apex predator is featured with its massive jaws agape as its lets out a booming roar. Grizzly bears are Canada’s second-largest land-based carnivore, and there is no natural threat to this bear once it reaches maturity.
  • Elk: In keeping with the Call of the Wild theme, the large male elk on the reverse has its head raised as it lets out a mating call. Engravings include the designer’s “PL” initials, “Canada,” and the coin’s metal content, purity, and weight, as well as the RCM’s maple leaf security privy mark.

Canadian Silver Reverse Proof Birds of Prey Coins

In 2014, the Royal Canadian Mint released a new wildlife-themed series of silver bullion coins. Following the massive success of the Canadian Wildlife Series (2011-2013), the RCM transitioned from silver bullion coins celebrating the nation’s land-based wildlife to highlighting its aerial predators.

Emily Damstra, a famed Canadian artist who created the images for the final two releases in the Canadian Wildlife Series, was tapped to create all four designs used in the Birds of Prey Series. Similar to the Canadian Wildlife Series, the Royal Canadian Mint opted for a biannual release schedule, debuting two new designs each year.

Now, the Royal Canadian Mint revives these famous Birds of Prey designs on an all-new series of silver coins, this time featuring a reverse proof finish to each coin. For the new series, the Royal Canadian Mint will use each of Emily Damstra’s original designs for the Birds of Prey coins. The coins will be released in the exact same orders as the original series:

  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Bald Eagle
  • Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Great Horned Owl

The Royal Canadian Mint has opted to retain the same designs, release schedule, and physical specifications for the new version of the Birds of Prey coins, with two notable changes coming to the collection, as well. First and foremost, the coins will have a much lower maximum mintage, set at 100,000 instead of one million each. Second, the coins will feature a reverse proof finish.

A reverse proof coin has the hallmarks of a standard proof, with matte finishes contrasted by deeply-mirrored, clear fields. However, while a standard proof features matte finishes on the design set and mirrored, clear fields for the background, these Reverse Proof Birds of Prey coins will have a deeply-mirrored, clear finish to the design sets (each bird) and a background that is dominated by a strong, matte finish.

Given the limited number of coins that will be struck for the Reverse Proof Birds of Prey Series, the Royal Canadian Mint has made them available in small bulk packaging. You can purchase Reverse Proof Birds of Prey Silver Coins from JM Bullion in individual plastic capsules, sheets of 10 coins, or Monster Boxes containing a maximum of 200 coins.

Wild Canada Silver Coins

The original Canadian Wildlife Series of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint was a program that consisted of six coins in total, each with a different design honoring native wildlife species found throughout the forests, mountains, plains, and tundras of Canada. The coins were released on an annual basis from 2011 to 2013, with two new designs introduced each year.

In an all-new, limited-edition issue of silver Canadian coins, the Royal Canadian Mint has released the Wild Canada Series. The planned six-coin program will launch over the course of three years and feature six different coins, just like the original Canadian Wildlife Series. However, instead of individual coins featuring the original images as the main design concept, the Royal Canadian Mint is combining its popular Canadian Silver Maple Leaf series by offering them up with privy marks honoring the Canadian Wildlife Series. The following are the important highlights for the upcoming Wild Canada Coin Series:

  • Mintage strictly limited to 50,000 coins per design.
  • Two coins released each year over three years.
  • Reverse bears the famous Sugar Maple Leaf design from the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.
  • Unique privy marks honoring the original Canadian Wildlife Series designs.
  • Struck in Reverse Proof Finish.
  • Coins will ship in individual flips, sealed mint tubes of 25, or Monster Boxes of 500.

On the reverse side of all Wild Canada Series coins you’ll find the sugar maple leaf design that has become so famous on the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. All of the engravings commonly found on that coin program will persist on the Wild Canada Series coins, with an additional privy mark for each of the Canadian Wildlife Series designs featured to the bottom left of the maple leaf. A total of six privy mark coins will be released, featuring the wolf, grizzly bear, cougar, moose, antelope, and wood bison.

The obverse side will feature Queen Elizabeth II’s right-profile image as created by Susanna Blunt, and used on the obverse of all Royal Canadian Mint bullion products. These coins will all be struck in brilliant reverse proof. A reverse proof coin features a frosted background field, with a mirror-like finish on the design set.

Canada’s 150th Anniversary Collectible Coins

In 2017, Canada celebrates a milestone in its quest for direct rule with its 150th anniversary of Confederation. As such, the Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the landmark in style, releasing an array of beautiful gold and silver coins to mark the occasion. The coins available as part of this celebration range from silver and gold bullion coins to proof offerings with stunning finishes. The following are just some of the primary examples from this collection available through JM Bullion.

Iconic Maple Leaf

With a limited mintage of just 6,000 coins, the 2017 2 oz Proof Canadian Silver 150th Iconic Maple Leaf coin celebrates the moment in appropriately style. For the 150th anniversary of Canada’s federation and independence from British rule without representation, the Royal Canadian Mint has micro-laser engraved the number “150” in a recurring pattern on the background field of the coin’s obverse and reverse side. The maple leaf shape on the reverse forms a light-refracting patter that enhances the visual beauty and shine of these coins.

On the reverse of the 2017 2 oz. Proof Canadian Silver Canada 150 Iconic Maple Leaf coin you’ll find that familiar sugar maple leaf design on all Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. The tiny engravings of 150 are visible, appearing almost as recurring dots rather than actual text across the background field.

Piedfort Timeless Icons

The 2017 1 oz Proof Canadian Silver Piedfort Timeless Icons coin features just 7,000 coins in its release, and features the first-ever selective gold plating of a fine-silver piedfort coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. It beautifully depicts two of the nation’s most important symbols.

The beaver and maple leaf have long played a vital role in Canadian national identify. The industrious beaver was the backbone of the initial trades and economics of Canada, with its valuable skins and pelts drawing traders from around the globe to the bountiful riches in Canada’s natural environment. As for the maple leaf, it predates the nation itself as a symbol of the land, its people, and the hope for a good future.

Each of these 2017 1 oz Proof Canadian Silver Piedfort Timeless Icons Coins includes selective gold plating on both the obverse and reverse faces of the coin. The proof finish of these silver coins includes this gold plating for added elegance and dimension to the design features of the coin.

On the reverse of all 2017 1 oz Proof Canadian Silver Piedfort Timeless Icons Coins is the image of a maple leaf from the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, with a beaver in front of the maple leaf. There is a center line vertically that separates the detailed finish on the left (marking Canada’s past) and the mirrored finish on the right (marking Canada’s future).

Reviving a Classic Design

The Canadian Goose previously appeared on a classic circulation Canadian coin, and now through the Big Coin Series, the design from the Canadian Centennial circulation in 1967 is revived. This image appears in the 3rd release of the Big Coin Series of silver coins for sale from the mint in the form of the 2017 5 oz Proof Canadian Silver Alex Colville Big Coin Series Canadian Goose.

This coin is the first in a series that will help the nation of Canada celebrate 150 years, and third overall in the Big Coin Series. As the first release, the Royal Canadian Mint went all out in the reproduction of the images found on the original Canadian Centennial circulation coins from 1967 on the nation’s 100th anniversary.

Canadian artist Alex Colville’s 1967 Canadian Goose $1 (CAD) coin design is majestically recreated on these 2017 5 oz. Proof Canadian Silver Big Coin Series Canadian Goose Coins. Both sides of the coin feature a selective gold plating around the rim, with the Canadian Goose plated in gold on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II’s crown and dress plated on the obverse.

The reverse of each 2017 5 oz Proof Canadian Silver Alex Colville Big Coin Series product features the image of a Canadian Goose flying across the coin’s surface from right to left. Designed by Colville, this image appeared on the 100th anniversary Canadian Centennial circulation dollars in 1967 as a symbol of the Canadian spirit.

Focus on Canadiana

The 2017 ½ oz Proof Canadian Silver Celebrating Canada’s 150th Series Grizzly Bear Coin has a limited mintage of 25,000 coins in total. On the reverse of the 2017 ½ oz Proof Canadian Silver Celebrating Canada’s 150th Grizzly Bear coin is the image of a massive grizzly as it lays in the long grasses enjoying a summer day. Its massive skull and paws are visible as it lounges in the sun, almost squinting its eyes the light is so bright.

Celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary is a 13-coin collection from the Royal Canadian Mint that takes you across each province and territory’s unique flora, fauna, landscapes, and historic landmarks. The series as a whole is a collaboration between the Royal Canadian Mint and Canadian Geographic, which lends its magnificent photos from across the country for the series.

There is a new coin released each month in the collection; each one with a vibrant colorized design and presented in order of the entry of Canada’s provinces and territories into the Confederation. The 2017 ½ oz Proof Canadian Silver Celebrating Canada’s 150th Grizzly Bear coin was designed by Janet Stevens and finished with a matte proof.

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If you have any questions about these amazing silver products from some of the Royal Canadian Mint’s other collections, please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion. Our associates are available to you on the phone at 800-276-6508. You can also live chat with us during business hours through our online service or send us an email anytime with your questions.